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Travelling by train is an excellent way to explore the length and breadth of India. However, for those who follow a Jain diet, finding appropriate food can be a challenge. Jain cuisine has strict rules regarding the use of ingredients, and thus, it becomes imperative to ensure that the food served is strictly vegetarian, free from onions, garlic and root vegetables. But, with the ‘Food on Track’ initiative by Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC), travellers can now order Jain thali in train, and enjoy authentic Jain food even while on the move.

‘Food on Track’ is a revolutionary service by IRCTC that was introduced to provide freshly prepared and hygienic meals to train passengers. With the help of the ‘Food on Track’ app, travellers can browse through a wide range of meals and snacks available on the train, and order their favourite meal with just a few clicks. The app offers an extensive range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals, including Jain food options and Jain khana in trains.

Jain thali in train is a popular option for those who follow a Jain diet. The thali comprises multiple small bowls containing different types of vegetables, lentils, rice, and bread. The food is prepared according to Jain dietary rules and is free from onions, garlic and root vegetables. The thali is served with a dessert, which is also prepared without using any animal products. The thali is not just healthy, but also delicious, making it a great option for passengers.

Jain food delivery in trains is now made possible with ‘Food on Track’. The app allows passengers to choose from a variety of Jain meals, including Jain thali, khichdi, sabzi, and more. The meals are freshly prepared in the kitchen, ensuring that passengers receive a hot and delicious meal. Additionally, the meals are packaged in hygienic containers, ensuring that they remain fresh during the journey.

Travellers can order Jain khana in trains using the ‘Food on Track’ app, and have it delivered to their seats. The meals are delivered directly to the passenger’s seat, making it convenient for them to enjoy their meal without having to leave their seat. This is undoubtedly a very lucrative feature as it makes the whole process totally hassle-free.

Jain thali in train and Jain food delivery in train are some of the many options available on the app, ensuring that passengers can choose a meal that suits their dietary preferences. Since the launch of IRCTC’s eCatering food service, travelling by train no longer means compromising on one’s dietary preferences. Jain thali in train and Jain food delivery in train are now available, thanks to ‘Food on Track’. Travellers can now enjoy a hot and delicious meal that is prepared according to Jain dietary rules, without having to worry about the availability of appropriate food. So, the next time you are travelling by train and are tired of looking for a Jain meal, do not hesitate to order it using ‘Food on Track’. To get started with your food delivery on time, download the ‘Food on Track’ today from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Alternatively, you can visit the official website of IRCTC eCatering at

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