10 Most Popular Jain Food in Train – Order Jain food in Train with IRCTC eCatering


It is really challenging to find Jain cuisine aboard trains. Because of this, Jains must bring their own food with them whenever they travel by train. Jain food delivery in trains from IRCTC eCatering is the ideal answer to this issue. IRCTC also ensures the safety and quality of the food. We only get Jain food from FSSAI-approved and trustworthy restaurants and establishments. It ensures that you are served real Jain food in train.

A selected list of reputable restaurants and an ever-expanding network in the professional Jain food business are available. Obviously, this makes sure that consumers are offered the best vegetarian meals possible. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation also assures the authenticity of Jain cuisine served on trains. Furthermore, we also ensure that restaurants preserve quality by using the correct ingredients and cooking them properly.

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Non Violence, Food and Jainism

What Makes Jain Food So Special?

10 Most Popular Jain food items

Availability of Jain Thali in Trains

How to order Jain food in train with IRCTC eCatering website

How to order Jain food in train with IRCTC Mobile App

The benefits of using IRCTC eCatering to order Jain food in trains

Non Violence, Food and Jainism

Non Violence, Food and Jainism

The stringent non-violence of the Jain faith is reflected in the eating culture of the community. Hence, they are strict vegetarians who have equally strict rules regarding what they can and cannot consume. This makes it tough to live their way of life.

Furthermore, they have the most simple and efficient eating culture. Basically, they are capable of occasionally completing a 30-day fasting program. In which they take only boiled water once per day.

All in all, it is forbidden for Jains to consume animal meat. Because they believe in non-violence. Also, they avoid animal-based food items, which means that many dairy products, cosmetics, and other things are out of the question for them.

What Makes Jain Food So Special?

What Makes Jain Food So Special

Firstly, Jain food is entirely vegan and prohibits foods grown underground to protect the microbes. This places a heavy emphasis on avoiding certain types of food. In fact, Satwik is a big part of Jain food. It’s not only No Onion/No Garlic. 

  • Firstly, they eat cereal grains or legumes that must dry fully before harvesting.

  • Furthermore, they forbid the use of the 5 udumbara fruits (Gular, Peepal, Anjeer, Banyan, and Pakar), meat, alcohol and honey. 

  • Also, water or energy is better stored underground when root vegetables are steam-cooked. Neighboring live species can survive thanks to storage organs of this kind.

  • Only spices with more health benefits include cardamom, cumin seeds, cloves, fenugreek, cinnamon turmeric and tulsi.

  • Salt is used for taste purposes only in cooked vegetables. They are avoided in salads and juices etc.,.

Here are some of the least eaten items:

Green tea / Lemon teaSaltMaize
Soya based dairy productsWhole wheatJowar
Whole dalsSemi polished riceRagi

Here are some of the most eaten items:


10 Most Popular Jain food items

10 Most Popular Jain food items

Moong Soup

This here is one of the healthiest and most unique soups. Simply put, Moong Soup is a dal-based soup. And Moong Soup with Lachha paneer paratha is a match made in culinary heaven. Try this delicious Jaini cuisine at least once.

Corn Korma

If you’re a fan of corn, you’ll adore Corn Korma! Here, corn is given a really unique touch with gravy, or you may say a Korma. And you can have it with Laccha Paratha.

Jain Vada Pav

The Jain recipes are easy to prepare, but they’re also delicious. Like this Jain Vada Pav recipe which uses raw bananas. For Jains who prefer Vada prepared without potatoes, this Vada Pav is a must-try.

Jain Handvo

Jain dishes are vegan and delicious. The Jain Mixed Handvo, for example, is a fantastic treat. For this dish, you’ll need a lot of vegetables, especially sweet corn and bottle gourd. Yes! This dish’s flavor comes from a rich blend of vegetables. Also, the yogurt and sesame seeds in this dish make it a particularly nutritious one. Try it out the next time you’re looking for something a little different to accompany your rotis!

Paneer Paratha

Who doesn’t love having paratha? Even Jains do. The only difference between normal Paneer Paratha and Jain’s Paneer Paratha is that in Jains Paneer Paratha, you don’t need to add Onion and Garlic.


Dhokla is a chickpea flour-based Gujarati dish. It is an easy and hassle-free way to satisfy food cravings in the morning. Moreover, the fluffy dish’s pepper, green chile, and salt flavors are excellent.

Jaini Tendli Bhaat

TendliBhaat is a Jaini delicacy of gourd rice. This dish is popular in Maharashtra. Also this recipe contains two fantastic touches: Marathi, which increases the food’s flavor, and Jaini, which is simple and tasty.

Jain Vegetable Pulao

Vegetable pulao is a flavorful rice-based vegetable dish. And Jain Vegetable Pulao is a simple Indian rice meal that tastes delicious! This is prepared without the use of onion, garlic or root vegetables.

Jain Pav Bhaji

JainPavBhaji’s Bhaji uses raw bananas. Basically, they are used as a substitute for potatoes. The dish is a favorite among Jains. Indeed, people think a meal cannot be tasty without onion and garlic. But Jain Pav Bhaji is an absolute delight. The flavor of Jain Pav Bhaji is out of this world.

Baked Chaklis

This delicious Jaini delicacy, baked chaklis, is a favorite among many. Regular Chakli is deep-fried, whereas JainiChakli is baked, as the name suggests. There is also a steaming Chakli that is delicious.

Jain Food Delivery in Trains

Jain Food Delivery in Trains

IRCTC’s eCatering website and smartphone app, “Food On Track,” make it simple to order Jain food or thali directly to your train seats. You can order Jain meals online through IRCTC eCatering. You will thus be free from the burden of making and carrying Jain food on your trip. 

Moreover, IRCTC allows you to order Jain food in trains at more than 450 stations throughout India. For instance, you can easily get Jain food in Rajdhani Express or order Jain food at Surat Railway Station.

How to order Jain food in train with IRCTC eCatering website:

  • Firstly, visit the website at ecatering.irctc.co.in.

  • Secondly, enter your 10-digit PNR number.

  • Thirdly, choose your station from the drop-down menu.

  • Then a new page with the vendor menu and food prices will open next.

  • You can select a vendor and Jain food item/items from the menu.

  • Then, you have to choose a payment mode.

  • Lastly, pay safely using any available payment methods, and your order will be verified.

  • Meanwhile, you and the service provider will receive an email and a text message with the meal order information after the payment.

  • You will get your food order directly at your train seat at the station of choice soon.

Alternatively, you can also place Jain food order in trains with IRCTC eCatering customer care by calling at 1323 to place an order for Jain food delivery in train.

How to order Jain food in train with IRCTC Mobile App

You may also use the IRCTC App to order Jain food for your train ride.

The IRCTC eCatering smartphone app offers a one-stop shop for all of your train-related concerns.

  • Download the IRCTC eCatering ‘Food On Track’ app from Google Play or the Apple store.

  • Then you have to enter your PNR number. The app will extract information such as the train name, station name, and passenger details. And then display a list of food providers that offer food service on your route.

  • Pick a station for meal delivery.

  • Choose your favorite Jain foods from the list, and the food will arrive directly at your train seat.

  • You can pay in advance or in cash when your order arrives. This reduces the customer’s risk.

The benefits of using IRCTC eCatering to order Jain food in trains

The benefits of using IRCTC eCatering to order Jain food in trains

Our Specialized Knowledge of Jain Food Management

Whether traveling alone or with a big party, IRCTC makes planning your trip’s meals a breeze. Using the ‘Food On Track’ app, various dietary and cultural constraints may be accommodated in a matter of minutes.

Simple to place an order

The IRCTC eCatering official website, the ‘Food on Track’ app, and call to 1323 are all ways to place your food orders.

Hygienically Packed Fresh Food

Our vendors emphasize the hygiene and packing of the food parcels. All our orders are precisely packed using cutting-edge packaging products.

Delivery in all Trains & Stations

Jain food service is available at all major railway stations. So even if you are traveling in Rajdhani or Shatabdi Trains, you can order Jain food in trains with IRCTC eCatering.

On-time delivery

IRCTC eCatering follows a stringent system. Hence, they serve delicious foods on-time food with optimum accuracy.

No food leakage or spoilage tension

You need not stress about food leakage. IRCTC will bring your Jain meal/food to your railway seat or bunk. Afterwards, you can have a stress-free and convenient dining experience.

Payments without any difficulty

Customers can use IRCTC eCatering to make both offline and online payments. You can pay online with a debit or credit card, net banking, UPI, or choose the “cash on delivery” option.

Jain food in train FAQs

What is Jain food?

Jain food is made with keeping the Jain restrictions in mind. For instance, some of the rules are vegan and prohibit onion, garlic, root vegetables, etc.

How to book food in running train?

You can do so on the IRCTC eCatering website or the ‘Food On Track’ mobile app.

What food is available in train?

You can get a variety of restaurant foods in train with the help of the IRCTC eCatering website and mobile app. Moreover, you get several options, cuisines and food items.

Does Rajdhani serve Jain food?

Yes, you can get Jain food in Rajdhani express. Obviously, with the help of the IRCTC eCatering website or ‘Food On Track’ mobile app. It’s simple and easy.

How to book a meal in train?

You can use the IRCTC e Catering website or the IRCTCFood On Track‘ mobile app. You can also call customer care on 1323.

Can I get Jain food in train at Surat?

Yes, you can get Jain food at Surat.

How to get Jain food in train at Ahmedabad?

You can place your Jain food orders before reaching the Ahmedabad Railway station on IRCTC eCatering website or the ‘Food On Track’ app.

How to cancel food orders in IRCTC?

You can cancel your food order, but you have to do so at least two hours before the planned delivery time. If you cancel your order, you will get a refund within three working days.