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20 Highly nutritious & healthy Indian food you can order in trains

28 Jul 2022

It’s always exciting to take a trip by train! Travelers get a once-in-a-lifetime experience on train journeys since they travel through various stunning landscapes. But you’re sure to have a longing for delicious and healthy Indian food on the train while taking in the view of stunning scenery out the window. This shows how crucial food is in a journey, whether by car, train, or plane. Getting good, wholesome food orders in train is more difficult than eating at well-known establishments or food shops. Enjoying a nice and healthy meal while traveling by train is a terrific way to pass the time.   Table of Contents Order healthy Indian food in train online with IRCTC eCatering How can IRCTC eCatering aid you get healthy Indian foods on the train? Health Indian food to order in trains Conclusion   Order healthy Indian food in train online with IRCTC eCatering In addition to being economical, train travel is also quite pleasant, which is why most Indians choose it. However, there is a serious issue with food service on trains. You wouldn’t exactly describe some of the train food as being healthy and nutritious. You can’t depend on the pantry’s foods or the vendors on platforms to keep you nourished. As a result, the optimal strategy is to use the IRCTC eCatering website or the “Food on Track” app to place a food order while you are traveling by train. This way, you can get delicious, nutritious and healthy Indian food at your train seat. You can’t help but give in to your hunger after seeing the selection of tempting dishes on IRCTC eCatering’s list. You can get a lot of choices even if you want gluten-free Indian food. And what could be handier than having delicious and healthy meals brought right to your berth?   How can IRCTC eCatering aid you get healthy Indian foods on the train? Besides the obvious health benefits, this is the greatest way to save money on meals on a train trip. However, the large IRCTC eCatering menu may make it difficult to order meals regularly. We have lined up some of these dishes you must try on your next train journey.   Health Indian food to order in trains You can always rely on these 20 tasty and healthy Indian food options while on your train journey. The Traditional Vegetable Thali It will be better to

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How IRCTC eCatering helps to get online food in trains

23 Jul 2022

Once upon a time, the only thing you could eat to save your hungry stomach on a train was pantry food. But that is a matter of the past now. Now, passengers traveling by train can go online to place their meal orders and choose from various menu items. IRCTC eCatering has stepped in to fill the void left by the absence of high-quality restaurant meals available aboard trains. Moreover we have got the best food delivery in train app for you. It is called ‘Food on Track’. You can easily download it from the Play Store or the App Store. We bring hot, fresh and tasty meals to passengers’ seats with care. Table of Contents Foods from different regions and cuisines with IRCTC eCatering What can IRCTC eCatering online food orders on trains do for you? Advantages of using IRCTC eCatering for online food orders in train How does IRCTC eCatering’s food delivery in trains work? Place online food orders in train with the IRCTC eCatering website Placing a meal/food order through the ‘Food on Track’ mobile app How to place a meal/food order in train through a phone call?   Foods from different regions and cuisines with IRCTC eCatering We have a selection of cuisines available for you to pick from. Some of which include North Indian, South Indian, East or West Indian, Chinese, Italian, Jain food, Mughlai, and Continental. In addition to these possibilities, you’ll also be able to enjoy regional cuisine when on your journey.   What can IRCTC eCatering online food orders on trains do for you? Firstly, relief from the burden of bringing meals from home Secondly, there is no reason to eat subpar pantry food. Thirdly, there is no reason to purchase stale food at train stations’ food shops.   Advantages of using IRCTC eCatering for online food orders in train There are a variety of advantages for a traveler to make use of the IRCTC’s e-catering services instead of the pantry food available in trains. According to recent assertions by well-known food safety and security organizations, as well as an increase in concerns, pantry car meals also lack hygiene. IRCTC eCatering online meal orders are usually an excellent idea since you gain the following benefits:   Hygienic food from the best restaurants Once your train arrives at your station of choice, prominent restaurants will deliver fresh meals directly to your seat. Our

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The importance of eco friendly packaging in food or catering industry

21 Jul 2022

We are all aware of the significance of minimizing environmental effects. Several companies are increasingly experimenting with innovative methods to develop and produce their goods. This is basically an effort to reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact while also saving money. Additionally, “cradle-to-cradle”—the idea of bearing responsibility for a product from source to final disposal—is growing more popular.   Table of Contents Main cause behind this environmental pollution caused by the food industry Why is it important to be sustainable? What is the significance of using eco-friendly packaging for food? Various kinds of eco friendly food packaging What to consider when choosing an eco-friendly packaging material? IRCTC eCatering and eco friendly food packaging Food Delivery in train by IRCTC eCatering   Main cause behind this environmental pollution caused by the food industry A major contributor to an industry’s environmental effect is the use of packaging materials and accessories. Since one has to transport the products from their point of origin to the point of sale, businesses have to consider cradle-to-cradle packing. This sometimes necessitates large volumes of costly packaging materials. A new generation of eco-friendly packaging choices have evolved. This is a result of this shift away from harmful packaging products. And when it comes to eco-friendly packaging, there are virtually no limits to what you can do. Because people in our society place such a high value on convenience when it comes to their foods, there is a pressing need to develop eco-friendly packaging concepts for food. Why is it important to be sustainable? It seems as though the media overuses the term “sustainability”. The term “sustainable” has a variety of meanings. To put it simply, living sustainably means to avoid doing anything that will have an adverse effect on the environment or future generations. They emphasize these two ideas: Depend on resources from our surroundings to exist and thrive. Live in harmony with our surroundings. What is the significance of using eco-friendly packaging for food? Plastics raise a number of environmental and public health issues. These include the buildup of micro- and nanoplastics in the environment and in food. Also there is the issue of human exposure to toxins from food packaging. Additionally, various non-intentionally added substances are there in food packaging, including phthalates. They have harmful and hormone-disrupting effects on humans. Then again, there are certain materials which you can reprocess only a few times. Whereas

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20 Most popular railway stations famous for local foods in India 

18 Jul 2022

The Indian railway system is more than simply a means of transportation. Because they take us on a trip through diverse communities, regions, faiths, and cultures, they also have a great deal of cultural worth. Also, the Indian Railway (IR) stretches over the country and has over 7300 stations. Apart from some of the most beautiful train routes in the country, they take you through various stations. Following this, you can sample various delicacies from the state you visit.  Additionally, some of these stations provide mouth-watering regional cuisine. And everybody knows how diverse Indian cuisine is. It varies greatly, from the intense, delicious food of the North-East to the sugar-heavy cuisines of Gujarat. From the lip-smacking non-vegetarian dishes of the coastal belt to the mind-blowing varieties of Southern India.   Table of Contents What’s the point of eating local food? Popular foods in India to explore at various railway stations Best Indian foods to try at Indian Railway stations Which Indian railway station has the best food? How Can I Order Local or Regional Food in India While Riding a Train? IRCTC eCatering and delicious Indian food on trains Bulk food orders in train   What’s the point of eating local food? Local foods are better for you since they are fresher, more flavorful, and more nutritious. In addition, “local cuisine” refers to food prepared and eaten within a small distance of its origin. Cooking techniques, particularly those distinctive to an area, significantly affect these dishes. Local foods allow you to sample a wide range of cuisines. They also encourage small farmers and the economy by bringing in money and creating employment. Besides, railway stations are the best places to sample the local foods of a particular area while traveling. More than anything, you will understand a region’s traditions, culture, and locally sourced ingredients. It’s much better to do this with locals, who can offer their insider information and respond to your queries.   Popular foods in India to explore at various railway stations What’s better than eating tasty treats or snacks at these stations? So spice up your upcoming train journey by exploring these Indian railway stations. Try some of these mouth-watering regional foods while waiting for your train. Now, we’ll look at the 20 most popular railway stations famous for local foods in India.   Best Indian foods to try at Indian Railway stations:   Lal Chah at

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10 Most Popular Jain Food in Train – Order Jain food in Train with IRCTC eCatering

13 Jul 2022

It is really challenging to find Jain cuisine aboard trains. Because of this, Jains must bring their own food with them whenever they travel by train. Jain food delivery in trains from IRCTC eCatering is the ideal answer to this issue. IRCTC also ensures the safety and quality of the food. We only get Jain food from FSSAI-approved and trustworthy restaurants and establishments. It ensures that you are served real Jain food in train. A selected list of reputable restaurants and an ever-expanding network in the professional Jain food business are available. Obviously, this makes sure that consumers are offered the best vegetarian meals possible. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation also assures the authenticity of Jain cuisine served on trains. Furthermore, we also ensure that restaurants preserve quality by using the correct ingredients and cooking them properly.   Table of Contents Non Violence, Food and Jainism What Makes Jain Food So Special? 10 Most Popular Jain food items Availability of Jain Thali in Trains How to order Jain food in train with IRCTC eCatering website How to order Jain food in train with IRCTC Mobile App The benefits of using IRCTC eCatering to order Jain food in trains   Non Violence, Food and Jainism The stringent non-violence of the Jain faith is reflected in the eating culture of the community. Hence, they are strict vegetarians who have equally strict rules regarding what they can and cannot consume. This makes it tough to live their way of life. Furthermore, they have the most simple and efficient eating culture. Basically, they are capable of occasionally completing a 30-day fasting program. In which they take only boiled water once per day. All in all, it is forbidden for Jains to consume animal meat. Because they believe in non-violence. Also, they avoid animal-based food items, which means that many dairy products, cosmetics, and other things are out of the question for them.   What Makes Jain Food So Special? Firstly, Jain food is entirely vegan and prohibits foods grown underground to protect the microbes. This places a heavy emphasis on avoiding certain types of food. In fact, Satwik is a big part of Jain food. It’s not only No Onion/No Garlic.  Firstly, they eat cereal grains or legumes that must dry fully before harvesting. Furthermore, they forbid the use of the 5 udumbara fruits (Gular, Peepal, Anjeer, Banyan, and Pakar), meat, alcohol

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