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IRCTC eCatering is the perfect companion for your train journeys. It is the best way to order food in train. With the eCatering website and the Food on Track official app, you can order food in train online. You can then get fresh, delicious & hygienic food from popular brands & restaurants delivered directly to your seat! You can also feast on your favourite dishes or try out mouth-watering local cuisines across your travel route.

Food Delivery on Train with IRCTC eCatering

You can order food in train online with our official website or Food on Track app and get it right to your seat at the station of your choice! Isn’t that amazing?

Get excellent and efficient food delivery on train service with this revolutionary mobile app. All you need to do is enter your PNR number to view the available restaurants & food options for your journey & place your order. You can also explore the food options at a station or for a train, but your PNR number will be required to place your order safely.

This efficient method of food ordering in train promises not only delicious food at your seat but also a varied and vast food menu from the widest nexus of brands and restaurants, making your train journey a lot more enjoyable. After all, “Good Food Makes For A Good Journey”.

Benefits of placing an online food order in train with IRCTC eCatering

  • This is the official IRCTC website and app. Hence it comes with the trust of IRCTC, offering reliable & well-established service.
  • Freedom from the hassle of carrying food.
  • The widest hub of restaurants and brands offers myriaddelicious and hygienic meal options for your train journey
  • Eliminates the risk of missing the train while finding food at stations.
  • Provides you with quality food at reasonable and affordable prices, making it the most consumer-friendly choice.
  • Auto cancellation of an order in case PNR gets cancelled.

Order food in train from the widest hub of food brands & restaurants

With numerous food brands, restaurants & authorised eCatering aggregators partnering with IRCTC eCatering, passengers have the option to choose from the widest variety of dishes & cuisines. These include mouth-watering Biryanis, cheesy Pizzas, steamy South Indian delicacies, and global cuisines such as Chinese and Continental. You can also feast on the local cuisines from wherever you’re travelling. For instance, you can get your favourite food in Rajdhani Express with the help of IRCTC eCatering. You don’t need to lug around heavy tiffin boxes or worry about unhygienic stall-food while on your journey.

Dominos, Haldirams, Saravana Bhavan, Faasos, Biryani Blues, Behrouz Biryani, etc., are some of the brands & restaurant chains you may order from.

Service availability at 300+ major & minor railway stations

You can order food in train online at over 300 railway stations in India.

Some of the major stations where eCatering is available include Mumbai Central (BCT), Mathura Jn (MTJ), Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal (CST), New Delhi Railway Railway Station (NDLS), Nagpur (NGP), Old Delhi Railway Station (DEL), Bangalore City Junction (SBC), Itarsi Jn (ET), Chennai Central (MAS), Kanpur (CNB), Ratlam Jn (RTJ), Allahabad Junction (ALD), Vijayawada Jn (BZA), Varanasi (BSB), Lucknow Nr (LKO) and many more! We are continually adding new stations as new restaurants partner with us.

It is as easy, user-friendly, and quick to place an order for food on a train journey as it is to book tickets using the IRCTC app and website. Passengers can find the official app, IRCTC eCatering – Food on Track, or access the website directly at . It is the best train food delivery app for passengers. It is also possible to place an IRCTC food order online over the phone during lengthy train travels. To do so, simply dial 1323.

Food Delivery on Train with IRCTC eCatering Food on Track app

Install the IRCTC eCatering Food On Track app for food delivery in train. You can order food in train online from the best brands & restaurants with our website at or the “Food on Track” mobile app, and get it directly at your seat at the railway station of your choice. Isn’t that amazing?

IRCTC eCatering provides you with the desired online food delivery experience in train with options ranging from Thalis, Non-veg options such as Chicken, Fish or Egg dishes, Pizzas, Burgers, Chinese, Snacks, Combos, South Indian meals, Biryanis, to local cuisines from all over India. You can also get Jain, pure-vegetarian and Sattvic / Satvik / Sattvik / Sattwic food options.Here are some of the most popular food items ordered on eCatering:

  1. Thali
  2. Pizza
  3. Biryani
  4. Wrap
  5. Aloo Paratha
  6. Idli
  7. Dosa
  8. Rice Bowl
  9. Sandwich
  10. Dal Khichdi

Apart from the above, here are the top non-vegetarian food items requested by customers on eCatering:

  1. Non-Veg Pizza
  2. Biryani
  3. Non-Veg Thali
  4. Bread Omelette
  5. Chicken Curry
  6. Egg Curry
  7. Fish Curry

IRCTC eCatering Food on Track app is also the best food delivery in train app. Get the most out of your train trips by ordering your favourite meals! We believe in serving fresh, hygienic and lip-smacking dishes from the best FSSAI-certified restaurants & brands at over 300 stations on Indian railway trains.

Just SWIPE, SELECT and ORDER. It’s that easy!

Unparalleled features of the Food on Track app

The app is designed to provide the most satisfying food delivery experience on trains. With the app, you can get the following:

  • Quick and easy access
  • Order status updates
  • Works well on trains

Our train food delivery app also includes other helpful features such as one-tap calling, PNR auto-pasting, reduced data consumption, quicker load times, and smooth transitions! IRCTC’s new eCatering app for food delivery on trains improves passengers’ train dining experiences by offering a greater variety of cuisines and higher standards of food preparation & delivery.

Order food in train online for “Bulk or Group order service”

Ordering food on train for groups or in bulk with the most incredible prices is also an option with eCatering. Passengers travelling in groups of 15 or more people can request this special service. Get the best food options and pricing informed after discussion for breakfast, lunch, or dinner for office teams, students, marriage groups, vacation trips or Jain food and Sattvic meals for religious trips and yatras. You can also get delivery of customised meals as well as reasonable prices for such large orders.

It’s crucial to be aware of unauthorised suppliers that claim to have an affiliation with IRCTC eCatering but don’t.

“Order online food by Whatsapp service” by IRCTC eCatering

IRCTC has started utilising WhatsApp as a method of interacting with passengers in order to facilitate the placement of orders for its well-known and reputable eCatering services. A dedicated Business WhatsApp line number – +91-8750001323 is set up for this purpose.

This new addition to the repertoire is a step towards making eCatering services more customer-centric, convenient and easy. Passengers can order online food by Whatsapp using the Whatsapp number +91-8750001323.

Why should you choose IRCTC eCatering online railway food delivery services?

Typically, meals on train journeys are considered bland and uninteresting, which people eat more out of need than out of desire. You can also get meals at any of the stations’ many public food stalls. However, to do so will require you to leave your berth and valuables unattended. And also face the risk of missing your train. Moreover, getting hygienic food is always a concern with open stalls & vendors on platforms.

But IRCTC eCatering delivers fresh, hygienic meals from a range of popular brands & restaurants without compromising taste or affordability. As a result, your journey will be the perfect blend of flavorful indulgence and cosy convenience.

When you embark on a rail journey or pilgrimage in India, you no longer have to carry a cumbersome dabba full of food from home. Instead, you can order delicious meals from top restaurants, aggregators and food partners and have them delivered to your train seat. Whether you’re in the mood for a popular Indian dish or something fancier from the continental or Italian kitchen, eCatering will bring you an array of tantalising treats without you having to leave your seat on the train.

What to expect in the upcoming years?

Already, passengers are raving about the eCatering system, praising the tasty food, innovative offerings, and efficient service they have received. IRCTC’s ability to offer food from popular brands and restaurants aboard trains is a crowning achievement in its long history of exceptional passenger service.

With newer restaurant partners joining the roster and eCatering services provision at more & more stations, online food delivery at the train seat by eCatering is becoming a key meal option for train passengers. It is set to become the flagship food option for Indian Railways.

Log in to the website, install the Food on Track app or call 1323, order food in train; get your meal right to your seat and enjoy!

IRCTC eCatering – Delivering happiness to your train seats!


Is it possible to place an order for a specific meal at a specific time during the journey?

Yes, it is. You can do so by logging in to the IRCTC eCatering website or installing the Food on Track app, or calling 1323.

Can I choose the restaurant from which I want to order my food?

Yes, you can. Once you submit your PNR number, the website or app will show you a list of all the brands and restaurants providing their services on your route at different stations. You may then pick from those available brands & restaurants.

Is it possible to make special requests or modifications to the dishes that I order?

Passengers travelling in large groups can request Group food service to get the best deals when ordering food in bulk for 15 or more passengers. You can request customised menus and prices through this service by submitting your request from the app or visiting

How do I pay for my order?

There are a number of options through which you can pay for your order. These include UPI, wallets, debit card, credit card, net banking & even Pay on delivery.

Can I cancel or change my order once it has been placed?

One can generally book and cancel eCatering orders from the time of booking a train ticket. The time required to deliver an order entirely depends on the preparation time requested by the restaurant. Hence, you need to keep that time frame in mind when wanting to cancel your order. Also, you cannot change an order once it has been placed. If needed, you may cancel that order and place another one.

What happens if the food I receive is not of good quality or if my order is not delivered as requested?

While the partner restaurants try their best to ensure the best experience for you, in case you are not happy withthe service or the food offered, you can lodge a complaint through the official eCatering website, Food on Track app or by calling 1323 within 5 days of the delivery time. Complaints can be submitted after 15 minutes of the delivery time of your order.

Is it possible to pre-order food for a future journey?

Yes, it is. You can place an online food order via eCatering as soon as you have a valid PNR number. There is no limit to the advancebooking period.

Are there any discounts or promotions available for online food orders on IRCTC eCatering?

In the extremely unfortunate or rare case of no-delivery of your order, we’ll give you a discount couponfor use on the next order,besides the refund of any online payment. However, customers first need to raise a complaint using the app, website or calling 1323 to facilitate this. Apart from this, any other discoun/coupon is not supported on the official eCatering app & website right now.

Is it possible to order food for multiple passengersin the same transaction?

Yes, it is absolutely possible. There is no limit to the number of passengers for whom you can place an order. However, there is a provision called “Group order service.Passengers travelling in large groups can request this special service to get delivery of customised meals at reasonable prices.

How do I place an order for food online on a train through IRCTC eCatering?

You can do so through the official eCatering website, via the Food on Track mobile app orby calling 1323.

IRCTC eCatering misspelled

“IRCTC eCatering” is often misspelled by online usersas:

  1. IRTCC eCatering
  2. IRCT eCatering
  3. IRCTC eCataring
  4. IRCTC eCateringg
  5. IRCTC eCaterinng
  6. IRCTC ecatring

Food on Track misspelled

“Food on Track” is often misspelled by online users as:

  1. Fod on Track
  2. Food on Trac
  3. Food on Trak
  4. Fud on Track
  5. Foud on Track
  6. Food an Track
  7. Food on Trck
  8. Fod on Trac
  9. Food n Track
  10. Food o Track