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Order Food in Train at Kota railway Station


Train travel can be an exciting and enlightening experience, enabling you towitness India’s ever-changing scenery while experiencing the conveniences ofjourneys by train. The prospect of a scrumptious meal is something thatfrequently crosses the mind of every traveller en route. A very momentous stepin that field is the IRCTC eCatering service which allows passengers torequest food conveniently while on the move. Here, we will explore how IRCTCeCatering provides a hassle-free method to satiate your hunger with itsconvenient food in the train at Kota railway Station.

The days of settling for bland train meals are long gone. Thalis, Combos,Salads, Soups, Beverages, Veg & Non-Veg, Chinese, Continental &Italian like Pasta, Burger or Pizza on train are available to you right atyour seat!

A Seamless Solution: IRCTC eCatering

The Indian Railways’ IRCTC eCatering program is a ground-breaking effort togive customers access to a large selection of meals at their train seat. Thegoal of this effort is to improve the comfort and experience of railwaypassengers. Say goodbye to the routine and hello to a trip full of tasty andvaried alternatives with IRCTC eCatering.

Kota Junction: A Brief Overview

Let’s take a short peek at Kota Railway Station before we dive into thespecifics of using IRCTC eCatering to order meals. The state of Rajasthan’sKota Railway Station, a significant railway intersection and entry point tothe area’s diverse culture. The busy atmosphere of the station makes it a topchoice for the eCatering service whether you’re visiting Kota for business,education, leisure or just passing through it. The Kota Railway Station Codeis Kota Jn.

Order from Well-Known FSSAI-Approved Restaurants

IRCTC eCatering’s affiliation with well-known and FSSAI-approved eateries isone of its unique advantages. This guarantees that the food is of the greatestquality and complies with the strictest standards of hygiene and flavour. Youcan order meals from well-known restaurants such as Behrouz Biryani, Domino’s,Oven Story, Lunchbox, OLF, Faasos, Firangi Bake, RajBhog, RailRecipe, Yatri’s,Zoop and many more while riding the train.

Order Jain Food Delivery in Train at Kota Junction Railway Station

For those who adhere to the principles of a strict Jain diet, rest assuredthat IRCTC eCatering is fully attuned to your unique dietary needs. Thisnewfound convenience allows travellers to savour the flavours of this ancientculinary tradition, ensuring a truly satisfying voyage.

Order Veg food on train at Kota Junction

IRCTC eCatering has a delightful selection of vegetarian dishes that will makeyour taste buds do a happy dance. Indulge in a delightful array of regionaldelicacies and local favourites, handpicked from only the most renowned andFSSAI-approved restaurants. Whether you’re yearning for a plate of pav bhajithat will make your taste buds do a happy dance or a veg thali, fear not!IRCTC eCatering is here to satisfy your cravings and leave you feeling like aculinary connoisseur.

Order Non-Veg food on train at Kota Junction

For those who favour non-vegetarian fare, a captivating assortment of dishesawait, promising to tantalise your taste buds! Indulge in some lip smackingbutter chicken, flavorful Laal maas, or spicy mutton curry, as you embark onyour journey!

How to Order Food in Train at Kota railway station through IRCTC eCatering

Ordering food through IRCTC eCatering at Kota Railway Station is astraightforward and convenient process. Here are the following detailedinstructions:

  • Access the Platform: Begin by visiting the official IRCTC eCatering website( orby downloading the user-friendly eCatering Food On Track mobile app on yourmobile device.
  • Enter your PNR number to place a meal order.
  • Select Kota Jn from the list of stations on your train journey.
  • The platform will present you with a wide array of food choices available atKota Junction. From local specialties to popular cuisines, you’ll find animpressive selection to choose from.
  • Browse through the restaurants, vendors & menu and select the meals thatappeal to your taste buds. Whether you’re in the mood for a heartybreakfast, a satisfying lunch, or a quick snack, there’s something foreveryone.
  • Once you’ve finalised your meal choices, add them to your cart and fill inthe required details.
  • Proceed to the secure payment gateway to finalise your order. You can choosefrom various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, net banking andPay on Delivery.
  • Sit back, relax, and enjoy your train journey. Your delicious meal will bedelivered as per your chosen station and seat.


The IRCTC eCatering service at Kota Railway Station is a game-changer fortrain travellers, providing them with an opportunity to enjoy delicious mealsduring their journey. With a user-friendly interface, a variety of foodchoices, and the convenience of train seat delivery, this service is atestament to IRCTC eCatering’s commitment to enhancing passenger experiences.So, the next time you find yourself travelling through Kota Jn, remember thata delightful dining experience is just a few clicks away through IRCTCeCatering. Enjoy your journey with the flavours of Kota!