Veg Biryani on Train


Train journeys are always an experience to cherish and remember; being an avid traveller on a strict budget, it has been a boon to be able to travel to beautiful locations in the country without having to spend a bomb on travel tickets, all thanks to the strong railway network.

Travelling for me goes hand in hand with food, I love exploring local cuisines when travelling to roads never seen, people never met, food never tasted and more. I strongly believe connecting with through food is the easiest and most deep connections you make. Like I clearly remember meeting a 74-year-old lady who makes the most delicious dal rice with achaar I have ever tasted. I can never forget the ease she cooked the food with, and how humble and grounded her face was. Her eyes lit up when I took the first bite and told her it was lovely as her smile.

I strongly believe your experiences in life make you the person you are. Learning these small attributes from people all over the country while travelling have made me appreciate the simple nuances of life, cherish them and keep them in my heart forever. Another attribute that I am proud of is, being a foodie! I have tried many restaurants, hole in the wall places, street food and what not while travelling and one of the most talked about… the train food in our country. Everyday thousands of travellers cherish meals available on the wheels, because not everyone can carry a box of delicious home cooked food every time we travel.

Being a hardcore foodie isn’t easy when you’re on wheels at least 4 times a month, but honestly IRCTC E-catering has been a saviour all along. All I do is browse through the delicious meals they provide on board and order at any hour through the journey I wish to. The best part is, I never really imagined I’d enjoy a bowl of Biryani on train but I did with IRCTC E catering. Train food is usually tagged as not good enough but once you eat Biryani on Train while travelling, I am sure you’d change your opinion about this.

I usually order a Biryani combo on train and it is the perfect meal to gorge on while diving into an interesting book while travelling. Ordering a non-veg or veg biryani combo on train gives me another kind of happiness; imagine being away from home and still getting biryani combo on train… honestly if that ain’t lottery, I don’t know what is. Now you tell me, if you had the option to order a piping hot non-veg or veg biryani combo on train, wouldn’t you also prefer it over everything else on the menu? You’ve your answer. Anyhow, all in all, travelling on trains has been a bliss, thanks to an elaborative menu by IRCTC E Catering. I am looking forward to my next journey as I type this and wondering what my meal would be.