Best food delivery options at Vadodara station


One of the most popular and oldest culinary treasures of India, Gujarati cuisine is extraordinarily unique as it brings together sweet and savouryflavours in one dish. The true essence of Gujarati food lies in the creative use of healthy vegetables and mild spices to prepare a fulfilling meal. An elaborate affair, a quintessential Gujarati thali comprises roti, dal, kadhi, sabzi, rice, farsan, chutney, pickle and more. And if your train journey takes you through the incredible state of Gujarat, then you can’t miss a wholesome food extravaganza. With IRCTC’s eCatering food service, you can now order the choicest of Gujarati delicacies and get them delivered on your train seat. And if you’re travelling through Vadodara station, then the best food delivery options will be easily available on IRCTC’s ‘Food On Track’ app. As the state is predominantly vegetarian, you can also get plenty of options for Jain food delivery in train at Vadodara station. While there is no dearth of palate-pleasing dishes on their cuisine, here are a few that you just have to try.

  1. Dhokla: The ultimate Gujarati snack, dhokla is soft, spongy and it will melt in your mouth instantly, leaving behind a warm and wonderful aftertaste. Easy to make, it is enjoyed throughout the country as it is extremely healthy as well as delicious. With besan as its main ingredient, it is steamed to achieve a distinct texture. Order this light snack in the evening or start your day on a healthy note by indulging in its delicate flavours. To place your order, visit

  2. Gujarati Kadhi: A staple in every Gujarati household, this is a lovely and warm curry with sweet undertones. Paired with boiled rice, it makes for a hearty and filling meal. So, if you want to enjoy a delightful lunch, you know exactly what to order! You can download the IRCTC ‘Food On Track’ app to place food orders easily from your phone while travelling on a train.

  3. Undhiyu: Mostly enjoyed in winters, this wholesome vegetable curry is a melange of fresh vegetables such as brinjals, surtipapdi, potatoes, coconut, bananas and methi. Eaten with rotis, this traditional dish will give you a taste of authentic Gujarati cuisine at its best.

  4. Khandvi: Also known as patuli, this immensely popular Gujarati snack is lightly tempered with coconut, mustard seeds and curry leaves; bringing out a delicacy of flavours that will surprise you with their extraordinary taste. A famous snack in Maharashtrian cuisine as well, khandvi goes perfectly with a steaming cup of strong and refreshing tea.

  5. Thepla: If you travel on trains frequently, you must be familiar with the sight of a Gujarati family opening packed theplas during the journey and eating them on the go. Giving a twist to the Punjabi methika paratha, this one combinesmethi, chillies, herbs, yogurt and sugar with whole wheat flour. This handy traditional bread can be paired with tea, a bowl of yoghurt or pickles. If you are in the mood to munch on something light, then you can also try the famous Gujarati khakhra.

Is your mouth watering already? Well, if you get your hands on IRCTC’s ‘Food On Track’ app then you can order these tasty dishes easily and make your train journey even more memorable. Food delivery at Vadodara railway station is quick and hassle-free with the IRCTC eCatering service. Want to know how you can place your orders? Just follow the simple instructions given here. And next time you are crossing the Vadodara station, a multitude of food delivery options for an authentic Gujarati culinary feast will be waiting for you!