Relish Every Meal Worry-Free with IRCTC eCatering


For tourists who are traveling for leisure, the journey is as much about the experiences along the way as it is about reaching the destination. And when it comes to train journeys, one of the most anticipated aspects is the onboard meals. However, the quality and availability of food on trains have often been a cause for concern. This is where the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation’s (IRCTC) eCatering services step in, offering a game-changing solution that allows passengers to relish every meal worry-free.

The introduction of IRCTC eCatering services has taken train travel and the passenger experience to new heights. It brings together technology, choice, and convenience to create a seamless and satisfying dining experience for travelers. With the eCatering platform, passengers have the freedom to choose from an extensive menu of culinary delights, ensuring that their journey is not only comfortable but also gastronomically delightful.

Choose Your Favourites

One of the most significant advantages of eCatering is the diverse range of options available to passengers. Whether you have a craving for North Indian curries, South Indian dosas, Chinese stir-fries, or even continental delicacies, the eCatering platform offers a curated selection that caters to various tastes and preferences. It’s a culinary journey that mirrors the diversity of India’s food culture, all within the confines of your train compartment.

Order On The Go

The process is remarkably user-friendly. To place your order, you need to visit the IRCTC eCatering website at Alternatively, you can also download the IRCTC eCatering app.

    • Enter your PNR number
    • Select your train and station
    • Choose a meal of your choice
    • Add to cart and checkout
    • Make payment using your preferred mode
    • Receive confirmation & enjoy

A significant concern for passengers has been the hygiene and quality of onboard food. IRCTC eCatering addresses these concerns through a stringent selection process for food vendors. Even though IRCTC eCatering has tied up with over 500 restaurant partners across India, there is no compromise on quality. Each vendor associated with eCatering is thoroughly evaluated for hygiene, quality, and safety standards. This rigorous screening process ensures that passengers can enjoy their meals worry-free, knowing that every dish meets the highest standards of cleanliness and taste.

IRCTC eCatering: A Journey of Taste and Delight

As you embark on a beautiful train journey, the worry of subpar food experiences is now replaced with the excitement of exploring diverse culinary offerings. IRCTC eCatering has succeeded in turning onboard dining into a memorable aspect of the journey itself. It’s no longer just about reaching the destination; it’s about savoring each meal as a delightful pit stop on the route.

In a world where travel experiences are evolving, IRCTC eCatering has carved a niche for itself as a pioneer in transforming train dining. Passengers can now relish every meal worry-free, confident that they are enjoying flavorful, hygienic, and high-quality dishes. With this initiative, IRCTC has not only revamped the perception of train food but has also added an element of anticipation and pleasure to the journey, one delicious meal at a time. Want to order khana online? Get IRCTC’s train food delivery app called ‘Food on Track’ and don’t forget to check the food delivery in train reviews!

IRCTC eCatering

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