Order Your Favourite Meals On Train


Food has always been a very important element of any journey be it road, rail or air. Comfortable train travel cannot happen until and unless you know how to order food on train. However, it is not always easy to order food online with so many options available from a range of restaurants that cater to train passengers. Moreover, all the passengers are not very tech savvy as they are not completely aware on how to order food online.

We humans use all our five senses daily as we take in beauty of the things with our eyes, the melody of music and beauty of delicate noises with our ears, the aroma of food and fragrance of things with our nose, the deliciousness of food with our tongue and the perceptibility of things with our sense of touch. All in all we use each sense daily and only when all of them are in complete harmony are we fully satisfied and happy about our experience irrespective of where we eat be it ordering food on train for train travel or online food delivery for home.

There is one thing about good food, if it smells good and is pleasing to the eye then it will definitely be delicious. A terrific train ride and a scrumptious meal together sounds like a dream, right? Well dreams do come true if you work hard for them and that is exactly what IRCTC eCatering has done to achieve this milestone.

How To Order Food Online through IRCTC eCatering:

  1. Provide your PNR Number
  2. Select stations to search for multiple dishes from various restaurants food menu. 
  3. Add food items from your selected restaurant’s menu to the cart.
  4. Review your order prior to confirmation.
  5. Mention your Personal details to confirm your order.
  6. Pay for your food via Cash on Delivery (COD) payment mode to complete the process of ordering food online in train. 

Order Food Online in train with IRCTC eCatering that ensures hygienic and fresh online food delivery which will make your journey a memorable one. Download App Visit US