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As the scorching summer sun beats upon us, we find ourselves grappling with myriad issues – from unsightly sweat to pesky sunburns. Each and every day, the sweltering heat is becoming unbearable. So, how do you beat the heat? Stay cool and refreshed this summer with proper hydration and light summer food & drinks. These convenient and popular methods are the perfect way to beat the heat.

To put it another way, it is always recommended that you include such food during the summer season that is produced with seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet to protect yourself against the numerous difficulties associated with the season.

What to eat during the summer?

When exploring the regional cuisines of India, you will discover numerous summer special foods & dishes that are perfect for this season and make for an ideal meal. These summer foods & dishes are either prepared using seasonal fruits and vegetables or contain fewer spices, which makes them easy to digest and light on the stomach.

Doctors also recommend increasing water intake and eating more locally-grown produce during warmer months. Certain superfoods can be very effective in helping you stay cool during the summer months. In India, it is common practice to maintain a light diet, eat particular summer food items and stay hydrated during the summer months, including during journeys.

Train journeys during summers

Summers are also the perfect time for taking a break and vacationing. It’s an opportunity to visit exciting destinations such as your grandparents’ home, your ancestral place, or somewhere refreshing to escape the hot weather.

Shimla, Manali, Kashmir, Darjeeling, and other hill stations are popular summer destinations for people across the country. And trains are highly sought-after as a mode of transportation for such journeys.

So what can you eat during these train journeys in the summer? Bringing home-cooked tiffins or lunches is a burden for such a lengthy trip. It’s also a recipe for disaster with the heat spoiling your food. Oh, don’t fret! Hungry on a train?

Fear not; IRCTC eCatering has got your back with the most delicious meals and dishes.

When travelling by train, it’s important to stay comfortable and refreshed. One great way to do this is by taking advantage of IRCTC eCatering services. You can keep yourself cool and energised during your journey by ordering light, refreshing, and hydrating cuisine.

Summers and Indian Railways

Given how frequently we take trains these days, Indian Railways has emerged as one of the most significant aspects of our life. Many individuals in our country favour train travel over flying due to its comfort and convenience. And IRCTC eCatering makes these journeys even more comfortable and satisfying.

We aim to provide passengers on trains with various fresh, hygienic, and delicious dishes from popular food brands, restaurants, and vendors. The meals are lip-smacking and ready to enjoy. We have partnered with many FSSAI-approved restaurants, brands and vendors delivering food at over 500 railway stations. If you plan to travel by train, you can conveniently order a delicious meal from eCatering while on board.

In the meantime, let’s look at this list of summer foods you can enjoy.

Tamarind Rice

Let’s face it; the flavour of summer is sour. Having sour foods in the summer cleans our palates and cools us down. South Indian tamarind rice is a popular dish. This recipe involves mixing boiled rice with tamarind gravy, which is made with a variety of spices, as well as curry leaves, chana/urad dal, and crunchy peanuts. This dish, called Pulihora or Puliyodharai, is a perfect blend of sweet, sour, tangy, and spicy flavours.

Curd Rice

Curd rice is a popular Indian dish prepared with curd, rice, a few seasonings, herbs, and other ingredients. In addition to its health benefits, this dish is a refreshing summer food that helps to keep our body cool from within. Curd rice is a great option if you’re looking for a satisfying meal that isn’t heavy or oily. While travelling by train, you have the option to order curd rice with your meal.


Sattu is a highly beneficial superfood often overlooked and can effectively aid in combating the heat. This blend of ground pulses and cereal is popular in Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal, and Uttar Pradesh. It can be consumed as both a beverage and a meal. This food is a great energy source packed with dietary fibre, protein, calcium, and iron. In addition, it can aid in preventing constipation, reducing the risk of sunstroke, and managing cholesterol levels.

List of summer foods that you can order with IRCTC

Lauki Wadi Sabzi With Roti

Bottle gourd, also known as lauki, is a vegetable commonly associated with summer. This particular vegetable is not only easily accessible in all regions during this season, but it is also rich in various nutrients that aid in combating the hot weather. There are many recipes for lauki (bottle gourd) throughout India. Still, one that particularly stands out is lauki wadi ki sabzi. This dish is a popular comfort food to eat in summer among North Indians. Adding sun-dried lentil dumplings, also known as wadi, gives it a flavorful taste.

Dahi Vada

Dahi Vada is a widely popular dish in our country due to its immense popularity among people. Every region has its version of dahi vada. This dish is prepared using urad dal, fresh, chilled curd, and a few spices and is easily among the top 10 summer foods. Dahi is a highly nutritious food that offers numerous health benefits for our overall well-being.

In addition, it has a cooling effect on our bodies. Dahi vada is a delectable dish that is best enjoyed with a side of chilled yoghurt and tangy tamarind chutney. A pinch of rock salt and roasted cumin powder can further enhance its flavour.

Aamras Kadhi With Puri

Kadhi does not require any other introduction. This particular Gujarati kadhi is noteworthy for its impeccable combination of mango puree, buttermilk, besan, and various spices. Incorporating mango puree into the dish enhances its flavour and gives it a refreshing summer twist. While this dish is typically paired with rice, for the ultimate explosion of flavours, consider trying aamras kadhi with puri. This dish is among the best summer foods in India, given that mango is considered the king of fruits.


Replacing a regular meal with a salad can offer numerous health benefits that are difficult to quantify. Leafy greens such as kale, lettuce, and sprouts are abundant in carotenoids, which are converted by the body into vitamin A. Salads are a versatile dish that can be combined with a wide range of ingredients, including fruits and fish, resulting in a delectable flavour profile. They are one of India’s most popular summer food items and help stay light but satiated during this hot season!


Raita is a side dish; however, because of its delicious and reviving flavour, it is highly well-liked in our nation. It is commonly served with Biryani, kebab, and other meals and is among the most popular summer foods. Raita is typically prepared using curd and a blend of spices such as roasted cumin powder, rock salt, sugar, and other ingredients such as vegetables or fruits. If you’re looking for a refreshing and delicious snack on the train while staying cool, you should try raita.

At IRCTC eCatering, you can order a combo meal with raita as a side dish. Some examples of these combo meals are Biryani with raita, Veg thali, Non-veg thali, Deluxe thali, and Maharaja thali. Including raita in your meal, such as Boondi raita, cucumber raita, mix-fruit raita, and others, can enhance the taste and refresh your body. In addition to having a wonderful flavour, raita has probiotic health advantages for our bodies that are crucial for maintaining general health.


When discussing popular summer food in India, it is important to mention lassi, as it is one of the most beloved sweet beverages. This is a delicious and refreshing sweet drink made with curd, commonly served after meals in North India. During the hot and humid summer season, if you’re looking for a refreshing way to spend your day, consider trying something invigorating. In order to relax your body and benefit from yoghurt’s power throughout your hectic day, you can drink a cold, refreshing lassi.

Benefits of having these light and healthy summer foods

The combination of high temperatures and arid conditions can lead to various heat-related health issues, making it crucial to prioritise staying in shape during the summer months. Consuming a nutritious and low-calorie diet is also advisable to beat the heat. Because even the healthiest of people might have heat-related health problems. The food we eat in summer will be important in helping us endure the heat wave.

During the summer months, there is an elevated risk of experiencing dehydration, indigestion, food poisoning, and deficiencies in essential vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for fresh and easily digestible food that helps to maintain a cool body temperature. Consuming fruits and vegetables that are in season and healthy, nutritious, and light dishes can provide us with a natural shield against the harmful effects of the sun.

How does the IRCTC eCatering train food delivery service function?

The process of delivering food to train passengers through online platforms is entirely managed by technology. Our range of services is accessible to all individuals possessing a valid PNR number and a verified ticket status.

How to use the IRCTC eCatering website to order summer food items while travelling

  • Firstly, visit
  • To proceed, kindly input the 10-digit PNR number or conduct a search by train or station.
  • Next, customers can choose from a diverse array of food brands, restaurants and food offerings.
  • Afterwards, you can select from a range of payment methods, including Pay on Delivery, and proceed to place your order.
  • Upon selecting your preferred station, your food order will be delivered directly to your train seat.
  • Kindly provide the delivery code displayed in the order details/SMS/email to the delivery partner at the time of order delivery.

How to use the IRCTC eCatering “Food on Track” mobile app to order summer food items while travelling

how to order summer foods on train

The most convenient method is by utilising the application. It’s easier, quicker, and more practical. Passengers can indulge in a complete four-course meal during their train journey using the IRCTC food order app “Food On Track.”

  • To access the convenient features of ‘Food on Track’, simply download the app from either the Play Store or the App Store.
  • Next, kindly input your PNR number. The application is designed to efficiently retrieve all essential data, including passenger particulars, train denomination, and station identification.
  • Following that, it will show you a list of all our partner restaurants, eateries and food vendors that serve along your journey.
  • Select a designated station for the delivery of your meals.
  • After that, you can choose from many restaurants and food choices.
  • The next step is to choose from the many payment methods, including Pay on Delivery, and place your order.
  • Kindly provide the delivery code displayed in the order details, SMS or email to the delivery partner at the time of order delivery.

Why order with IRCTC eCatering?

We prioritise delivering high-quality food on trains as we value each and every customer. You can rest assured about the quality of our food if you decide to place an order with us. Our food vendors and restaurants are partnered with FSSAI-approved to deliver fresh, healthy, delicious, and hygienically prepared food directly to your train seat. We also offer various cuisine and food options to cater to our customers’ diverse preferences.

So sit back, relax and enjoy some of the best summer foods & dishes on your train journeys with eCatering!

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