4 Reasons why ‘Food On Track’ is the Best App to Order Online Food at Railway Station


Do you have the best app to order food online at railway stations on your smartphone? If not, then you are missing out on a wonderful meal experience during your every train travel. ‘Food On Track’ has made online food delivery possible in trains so that while travelling you can enjoy food from your all-time favourite restaurants and eating joints. While there are three different ways to order food online through our eCatering service, if you are a millennial, we are sure you would prefer the app. And why not? It’s so convenient, saves time and you don’t even have to interact with a person to place your order. But even more importantly, there are four key reasons why you should try our ‘Food On Track’ service on your next train journey.

  • Easy to Use: The introduction of online food delivery apps has completely transformed the food and beverage industry. Gone are the days when we would call our local restaurant, place the usual order and then constantly follow up with the delivery guy. The ease of use in food delivery apps is unparalleled. Once you download the IRCTC ‘Food On Track’ app, you just need to enter your PNR and an entire list of food options will be presented to you. From choosing a meal to completing the payment using a suitable digital payment method, everything is easy on the app. The interface is quite simple so you don’t need to navigate too much and can quickly place your order and enjoy a delectable spread on the rails.

  • A Plethora of Options: One of the best things about using ‘Food On Track’ is that you’re not limited to a particular restaurant or cuisine. If you are in the mood for North Indian food but your travel companion wants to have a masala dosa, then you can order from both Haldiram’s and SaravanaBhavan through a single app. So, next time you want food delivery on a train in Jaipur or food delivery at New Delhi railway station, just choose from a wide range of cuisines and order something special for each member of your travel group.

  • Safe and Hygienic: One thing the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us is the importance of proper hygiene. Negligence in the handling of food can result in dire consequences and the best way to avoid this is by following good hygiene practices at all times. If you are always paranoid about buying food from a local platform vendor, then your concern must be addressed. All the restaurants associated with our eCatering service adhere to the most stringent rules and regulations for food preparation, even more so in current times. Even our delivery executives are cautious about washing their hands regularly and making sure that you get hygienic food delivered in seal-proof packaging on time.

  • Dependable: Are you guilty of shopping for clothes or other stuff online from new and random websites? While this risk can be taken with non-essential items, one has to be careful with food as it has a direct impact on your health. You must stay away from unauthorized vendors as they are not only unreliable but may also deliver food that doesn’t hold up to good quality standards. In this regard, our ‘Food On Track’ app is extremely dependable as you know that you’re dealing with a proper eCatering service and even if something wrong happens to your order, you will receive a refund in due course. The eCatering staff is also uniformed so you can identify them easily and not be duped by inauthentic vendors selling food on the train.

So, what’s the most important thing you need to order food online at a railway station? It’s IRCTC’s ‘Food On Track’ app and if you haven’t downloaded it yet, then what are you waiting for? Go to the App Store or Play Store and download it now. Because food delivery in train at Jaipur, food delivery at New Delhi railway station and any other in India is a whole lot easier with IRCTC  ‘Food On Track’. To know more, visit www.ecatering.irctc.co.in.