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Will you be traveling extensively by train for the New Year’s vacation? If that’s the case, you shouldn’t let having to travel get in the way of your celebrations. You can order New Year 2023 celebration food online at train now and make your vacation travel merrier!

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  • New year special food on IRCTC
  • Order 2023 new year special dishes veg on IRCTC eCatering
  • Place orders for food in bulk on train for New Year’s eve
  • Jain food on train for New Year’s eve
  • 2023 New Year special snacks on IRCTC eCatering
  • Order safe and hygienic party food through IRCTC eCatering
  • Order New Year’s eve meal on IRCTC eCatering app “Food on Track”
  • Importance of certain New Year celebration food on Train
  • Traditional new year food for different purposes
  • Lentils
  • Momos
  • Spring Rolls
  • Noodles
  • Fish
  • Coin Cake
  • Summary

New year special food on IRCTC

With the help of IRCTC eCatering, passengers can now order delicious special new year’s food 2023 and meals to be delivered to their seats while they’re on the train. Long gone are the days when passengers had to get down from trains and rely on unhygienic, low-quality food sold at railway stations. You may now select from a broad range of meals, starting from the traditional khichdi to global cuisines, made by reputable restaurants along the train’s course and brought straight to your train seat.

Order 2023 new year special dishes veg on IRCTC eCatering

Even if you are a pure vegetarian, there is no problem. You can easily get special New Year’s food 2023 veg as per your liking and get the food party started at your seat.

Place orders for food in bulk on train for New Year’s eve

You may also place orders in bulk in the event that there is a large group of people, or you can place orders according to certain personal preferences. You can order special food for new year 2023 in bulk, too, if you are traveling with a group, with friends or with family.

Jain food on train for New Year’s eve

If you follow the stringent Jain diet, for example, you may use IRCTC eCatering to find eateries in your area that cater to your needs.

2023 New Year special snacks on IRCTC eCatering

You can also place orders for a variety of snacks for your New Year’s eve celebration on train through IRCTC eCatering. We have a varied menu and an extensive range of snacks offered by our food partners and restaurants.

Order safe and hygienic party food through IRCTC eCatering

In addition to being practical, ordering food on trains also offers a safer and more hygienic alternative. Online ordering eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination at train stations and platform food vendors. You can order New Year 2023 celebration food online at train and avoid the inconvenience of bringing food with you, getting off the train to obtain food, or settling for subpar cuisine. You can find many 2023 new year’s food specials.

new year 2023 food on train

Order New Year’s eve meal on IRCTC eCatering app “Food on Track”

You can get all your party-in-train food problems solved by booking the best new year food on IRCTC eCatering’s “Food on Track” mobile app. Simply download the IRCTC eCatering Food on Track mobile app from the App store or Play store, use your PNR number, select your dish and delivery time, and enjoy the gorgeous scenery outside your window while you wait for your food party to arrive!

Importance of certain New Year celebration food on Train

We’re all about to welcome the New Year. The mood of a New Year’s Eve celebration is likely to rub off on the majority of us. The first day or week in that matter of the new year deserves to be special, whether you’re a party animal or like to be alone. Do you, however, know anything about the train’s lucky New Year’s meals?

People from all over the world have, for a very long time, adhered to particular cultural and historical narratives that are associated with the New Year’s luck foods on train. The start of the new year heralds a fresh start, but there are already plenty of tales floating about the occasion.

Traditional new year food for different purposes

Listed below are some of the foods that people throughout the world have come to associate traditionally with the New Year. Take a look at them, and you can try to incorporate them into your 2023 new year special dishes on train list to order from eCatering.


People consume lentils all around the world, which may seem strange to many. It is said that eating lentils is an invitation to wealth and fortune. You can have lentils as part of your food to serve at New Year’s eve party on trains, and that too in different types. For instance, you can choose to order dal makhani, dal tadka, dal lasooni and many more such lip-smacking lentil dishes.


Chinese dumplings are essentially the momos of India. Momos are among the new good-luck foods to eat on the train. People all over the world eat momos on New Year’s eve. You can also order momos as part of your New year’s food on IRCTC eCatering and get it directly at your seat. According to an old proverb, the more dumplings or momos you consume on New Year’s Day, the more money will fill your pocket in the following year.

Spring Rolls

A major draw for spring holidays or new year’s festivities is spring rolls. It is one of the most popular fast snacks for train passengers. You can also try them as your celebratory 2023 new year’s food specials from eCatering.

They have a cylindrical form and can be filled with vegetables, chicken mince, eggs, or mutton, depending on personal tastes. Additionally, they are deep-fried in oil until they turn golden and crisp.


People all across the world are gorging on noodles because their length is a sign of increased lifespan. The longer the noodle, the more your lifespan! And who doesn’t like to have noodles on the train? It is the best food to serve at New Year’s eve party on train. They can be a part of your celebrations aboard the train. Whether it be Hakka noodles or Schezwan Noodles, you can order your favorite noodle dish as part of your New Year food on IRCTC eCatering.


Fish is a sign of good fortune and joy and is traditionally consumed on New Year’s Eve in China. Everyone wants enough happiness and tranquility at the end of the year, and fish is a symbol of abundance. Chinese people start the new year with a successful outlook if they eat fish at the close of the previous year. You can prepare and consume fish in many different ways. You may cook, steam, fry, and use other methods to savor it.

Coin Cake

A separate legend surrounds coin cakes, cooked on the eve of the new year in the shape of coins, with some of them containing hidden coins. The person who gets the coin is thought to be the luckiest all year. Following that, the coin recipient cuts the cake and celebrates with their family and friends.


We hope that you found this blog article to be informative and that it motivated you to ring in the New Year in style by placing an online order for your meal on the train with IRCTC eCatering!

Happy New Year, and enjoy your meal!

Order Christmas foods on train FAQs

What food to order on eCatering IRCTC at New Year’s eve?

You can order anything that your heart desires from IRCTC eCatering for New Year’s eve celebration at your train seat. eCatering’s extensive range and variety of food providers mean you may order everything from Biryani to Noodles to Pizza.

What snack to order on train on New Year’s Eve 2023?

You may have snacks as part of your New Year’s celebration on the train, which is a terrific way to start off the year. You can order a variety of snacks through IRCTC eCatering.

What are New Year’s foods served on IRCTC e catering?

Through IRCTC eCatering, you may order anything from the diverse and extensive menus of food vendors along your route. Thalis, Biryani, Pasta, Pizza, Sandwiches, and Noodles, oh my! You name it, and it’s probably here.

What does the New Year’s food represent?

Traditionally, New Year’s food has symbolic meanings related to wealth, success, and good fortune.

What are the traditional foods for New Year’s day?

Traditional New Year’s Day food varies with geography and culture. Hence, everyone has their own set of rules and customs when it comes to eating various foods and meals.

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