Ordering Khana on Train at Howrah Railway Station


What’s Special about Ordering Khana on Train at Howrah Railway Station

A multicultural hub and thriving port, the bustling city of Kolkata in West Bengal is well-known for its eclectic cultural traditions and a characteristic culinary lineage. Combining culinary influences from a myriad of cuisines such as Persian, Anglo-Indian, Odia, Chinese and Mughlai, the resulting culinary style incorporates an assortment of herbs, spices and roots to create dishes that are full of depth and delicate flavours. Passing through the city without getting a taste of its rich, irresistible and flavoursome cuisine is almost impossible. If you are travelling through Howrah railway station, then you can easily order veg food delivery at Howrah railway station or non-veg food delivery at Howrah railway station using IRCTC’s eCatering service and enjoy the taste of Bengali khana on the train at Howrah railway station.

Bengali Cuisine: Delicious & Delectable

Involving a hot palate, Bengali food is quite rich and varied, offering a range of snacks, main course dishes and desserts. While the staple is fish, vegetables, lentil and rice, the dishes vary from region to region. Here are 6 mouthwatering Bengali specialities that you must try by ordering veg food delivery at Howrah railway station or non-veg food delivery at Howrah railway station.

  • Alur Dom: A hit in regular Bengali households, this simple and spicy potato dish is best enjoyed with luchi (puri). To try this perfect combo, you can order veg food delivery at Howrah railway station and partake a satisfying typical Bengali lunch experience.
  • Ilish Macher Jhol: Bengali cuisine is incomplete without a delicious fish curry. A staple food of West Bengal, Hilsa or Ilish fish curry is a pungent-smelling delicacy prepared with nigella seeds and chilli, and is packed with strong flavours. If you are a food lover looking for non-veg food delivery at Howrah railway station, this one is a must-try.
  • Aloo Potol Posto: A mouthwatering preparation of potato, pointed gourd, poppy seeds, red and green chillies and coconut puree; this one is a classic Bengali dish that is relished by one and all. So, next time you order khana on the train at Howrah railway station, give this Bengali delight a shot.
  • Mishti Doi: Sweetened yoghurt or mishti doi is a very popular Bengali dessert made by boiling milk, sweetening it with jaggery and allowing it to ferment overnight. A humble and simple recipe that can be easily made at home, mishti doi enjoys a huge fan base across India because of its simple flavours and comforting taste.
  • Rasgulla: A much-loved syrupy South Asian sweet, rasgulla is a ball shaped dumpling made out of chenna by curdling milk. Known for its creamy and chewy texture, a rasgulla is a must-have dessert during festivities and celebrations. To satisfy your sweet tooth, order this heavenly sweet and enjoy its scrumptious taste on the train.
  • Sandesh: Another immensely popular milk-based traditional Bengali sweet is sandesh. It is basically a dairy-based moist fudge with an invigorating aroma that is simply irresistible. Finding a mention in medieval Bengali literature, sandesh is prepared in most Bengali households especially to mark joyous occasions and festivals.

Disclaimer: The above mentioned details and dishes/menu are subject to change. Please log onto IRCTC’s official eCatering website i.e. www.ecatering.irctc.co.in or download IRCTC eCatering’s ‘Food On Track’ application from Google Play store or iTunes for more information.