Now Enjoy Delicious Jain Meals Aboard!


Nothing beats the joy of enjoying a delicious meal with your loved ones and sometimes all by yourself. Food is such an essential part of our everyday lives and it is easy to say that sometimes all you need is a well-cooked meal to set your mood right.

IRCTC aims to provide healthy, delicious and hygienic meals on all train journeys and make it a memorable trip for all the passengers. A recent addition to the menu is ‘Jain Meals’ that are prepared without any onion or garlic to ensure catering to passengers who follow Jainism or don’t enjoy these ingredients in their meals. Jain meal delivery on train is available on the ‘Food on Track’ app.

The options currently available on the menu are Dal Bati Churma, Paneer Makhni, Gatta Sabzi and more. These delicious gravies can be enjoyed with breads like Chapati, Paratha, Lachcha Paratha, or Kulcha. If you’re a rice love, you can also devour on Jeera Rice or Steamed Rice. To make it a complete meal, one can also enjoy a range of desserts like Gulab Jamun, Jalebi or Kesari Bath.

The best part of Jain Meal Delivery on Train being able to enjoy a great meal experience without worrying about the ingredients. The idea of Jain Food Delivery on Train was to ensure reaching out to a larger audience who are either carrying home cooked meals or are dependent on meals available at the station. IRCTC works towards providing a delicious, piping hot meal to everyone aboard adhering to their religious backgrounds.

Next time you’re aboard, don’t forget to order a delicious Jain meal for your journey.