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India celebrates Navratri with great opulence, joy, devotion, and excitement. During this time, devotees pay homage to Maa Durga in her many forms and celebrate VijayaDasami while fasting and avoiding foods prepared with onion and garlic. Hence, the significance of a Navratri special thali, made specially for devotees or persons who prefer to fast throughout the 9-day festival, cannot be overlooked.

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Navratri Special Thalis on trains

  • Importance of Navratri fasting and eating Sattvic foods

  • Navratri-specific ingredients their benefits

    • Fruits, vegetables and tubers

    • Protein intake

    • Amaranth or rajgira

    • Singhare ka atta (water chestnut flour)

    • Kuttu atta (buckwheat flour)

    • Sendha salt (rock salt)

  • Why choose online Vrat food delivery in train?

    • Navratri Special Thali

    • Upvas Platter

    • Falahari thali

    • RajBhog Spl. Navratri Thali

    • Upwas Thali Navratri Special

    • Falahar

    • Vrat Ki Thali (Special Navratri Menu)

  • Other Navratri special foods you can order via IRCTC eCatering

    How to order Navratri special thali & foods with the Food on Track mobile app?


Many people place their faith in Maa Durga and her promise of both physical and spiritual blessings during this festival. The nine-day celebration of Navratri is observed in a wide variety of ways across India. In this post, we’ll take a look at the Navratri special thalis delivered by IRCTC eCatering on trains, as well as the foods that typically make up these thalis.

Navratri Special Thalis on trains

When people fast for nine days in honor of Goddess Durga, they eat special dishes or from a specially made thali known as a Navratri special thali. We also use the term “Vrat ka Khana,” which translates to a “clean and balanced” meal, to describe this kind of food. Think for a second that you are traveling by train during this Navratri fasting period and you are unable to get anything under the premise of Navratri food or Navratri Vrat food. Looks concerning, no?

As of now, you can put all of your concerns about Sattvic or Vrat food in train to rest because IRCTC eCatering is providing Navratri special foods delivery on train. As a result, train passengers on a fast will be able to get Sattvic as well as Navratri special thalis directly at their seats. This, in turn, will assist passengers in having a hassle-free festival travel experience.

Importance of Navratri fasting and eating Sattvic foods

Although the Navratri fasting and eating plan appears simple, it really has many positive benefits, ranging from helping in weight loss to detoxification. Many of the foods traditionally eaten at this time strengthen the body’s defenses against the upcoming winters. Fasting while eating light meals is also the best way to get your body ready for the rapid weather shift.

In addition, these meals are easy to digest and won’t leave you feeling bloated after eating them. This is significant because it explains why people are asked to abstain from consuming things like meat, liquor, grains and legumes during this period.

Navratri-specific ingredients their benefits

Navratri-specific ingredients their benefits

People abstain from severe heat-producing ingredients like garlic, fenugreek seeds, flaxseeds, garam masala, non-veg items, etc., as well as severe coolants like onions, dhania powder, chia seeds, and basil seeds. As a result, the meals people eat help maintain a steady internal body temperature. Learn more about the positive effects that these Navratri specific ingredients may have on your body below:

Fruits, vegetables and tubers

Increasing one’s intake of fruits and vegetables while avoiding grains like wheat and rice will supply the body with all the optimum vitamins and minerals, leading to increased physical vitality and a healthy, radiant complexion too. During Navratri, people typically eat more tubers and roots such as potatoes, tapioca, and sweet potatoes. These meals boost energy without putting too much strain on the digestive system.

Protein rich foods

Protein is a macronutrient which helps to repair cellular damage caused by daily physical activity. During the Navratri fast, people consume a lot of protein-rich foods including dairy products, dried fruits, and nuts like peanuts, almonds, and walnuts. Such Navratri special foods’ protein content aids in the body’s ability to generate both new cells and repair older, damaged ones. This allows you to enjoy optimal health and physical vitality.

Amaranth or rajgira

The flour has a high lysine content, which facilitates the body’s uptake of calcium. This component also has a low glycemic index, and its fiber, phytosterols, and oils all aid in lowering inflammatory processes, cholesterol, and hypertension.

Singhare ka atta (water chestnut flour)

This is mostly simple carbohydrates, a good source of vitamins B and E; it also includes potassium, zinc, and other essential minerals. The component works well as a cooling agent and as a detoxifier for the entire body. All through Navratri, it is used to make chapatis or puris, as well as meals with potato and sabudana (sago).

Kuttu atta (buckwheat flour)

Buckwheat flour is highly nourishing and has cleansing effects on the body. The Navratri food list is notoriously calorically dense, with dishes like fried potatoes, sabudana ki Tikki & papad, kheer, and pakoras. All such foods do nothing except make people put on weight and worsen existing health problems like diabetes and hypertension. Kuttu atta is a high-carbohydrate, low-calorie alternative to wheat and barley flour. Because it has no saturated fats, this flour is also good for controlling hunger and easing digestion.

Sendha salt (rock salt) 

Rock salt or Sendha namak replaces regular salt during Navratri. It’s a far better alternative to processed table salt due to its detoxifying effects. Magnesium and calcium, for example, are two minerals that are stripped away when table salt is refined but remain in the unprocessed rock salt.

Why choose online Vrat food delivery in train?

Why choose online Vrat food delivery in train

Earlier, many of the dietary restrictions associated with the Navratri fast could not be observed during long train rides since no suitable Navratri Vrat meals were available. But not anymore! IRCTC eCatering’s approved food partners serve Navratri special thalis and meals aboard to passengers at their seats on trains.

Ordering your Navratri thali online or Vrat meals in train through IRCTC eCatering official website or Food on Track mobile app is one of the best decisions you can take on your train journey. It’s simple to order, easy to get and you can order exactly what you want to eat without any difficulty!

Navratri Special Thali

Many of our food partners like Madhuram Cafe and Swastik Pure Veg Restaurant serve Navratri special thalis and their variations in trains, throughout the festival time. It’s true that sattvic food selections are restricted, but many well-known vegetarian and sattvic eateries have come up with creative ways to expand the Vrat-diet beyond the staples that are traditionally allowed. Some examples of vrat-specific dishes in a Navratri special thali include Jeera Aloo, Sabudane ki kheer, Lauki ka Halwa, Makhane ki Kheer, Sabudana Tikki, Dahi Pudine wale Aloo, Kuttu ka Paratha, Aloo Papad, Pudina Raita, Sago Papad, Palak Paneer, Shakarkand ki Chaat.

This Navratri, enjoy your train journey with IRCTC eCatering’s Navratri special food and meal delivery. Here are some of the available Sattvic thali options on IRCTC eCatering:

Upvas Platter

2 pcs sabudana vada, sabudana khichdi, namkeen, sweet

Falahari thali

Aalu sabji , sabudana khichdi, falahari namkeen, curd, 4 singhare ki puri 4, sweet 1 pc

RajBhog Spl. Navratri Thali

Puri (4 pcs), Shahi Paneer, Aloo Jeera, Vrat Rice, Fruit Raita, Bengali rasgulla (1Pcs), Sabudana Papad

Upwas Thali Navratri Special

Rajgiri aate ki poori , Aalu ki upwas sabji , curd, Bhagar


Kuttu Poori, Aloo sabji + Jeera Curd

Vrat Ki Thali (Special Navratri Menu)

Kuttu ke Atte ki Pudi (6), Aloo ki Sabzi (200 Gram – made in Sendha Namak- ), French Fries (70 Gram), Dahi (100 Gram), Chena ki Mithai (1Pc), Mouth Freshner

Other Navratri special foods you can order via IRCTC eCatering

Other Navratri special foods you can order via IRCTC eCatering

Apart from the above-mentioned Navratri special thalis, you can also order and enjoy the following Vrat and Sattvic dishes through IRCTC eCatering and Food on Track mobile app:

Navratri Food Items

Navratri Food Items

Sabudana KhichdiSweet Lassi ( Navratri Special )
Sabudana VadaSabudana Wada With Curd
Sabudana WadaSabudana Vada Combo
Upvas PlatterNavrattri Fast Combo
Sabudana KichdiVeg Roll With Cold Drink (2 Pcs)
Shabu KhichadiSabudana Khichdi(With Curd)
Sweet LassiFalahari Indori Patties (Per Pc)
RabdiFarali Potato Red Chilli Wafers (250gm)
BasundiRajbhog Spl Navratri Thali
Lassi ( Sweet / Salted)Paneer Butter Masala (Jainy)
Sabudana Khichdi Plus DahiSabudana Khichadi (100gm) + Curd (100 Gm)
Sabudana Wada ComboNavratri Aaloo Pakora Combo
Jain Angur RabadiFalhari Dryfriut Tikki Chat (1 Pis)
Navratri Special ThaliSabudana Khichdi & Curd
Sabudana KhichadiSabudane Ki Kichdi
Sabudaane Ki KhichdiSpecial Lassi
LassiKheer Puri
Sabudana Khichdi Plus DahisBanana
Navratri ComboFalhari Dryfriut Tikki Chat (5 Pis)
Sabudana Khichdi With CurdFalhari Aloo+ Curd
Sabudana Kachidi With CurdDal Butter Fry Jainy
Makhaane Ka KheerPapaya Shake
Fresh Fruit JuiceDal Fry (Jainy) Without Onion Garlic
Milk HalwaChicken Cheese Nuggets
Navaratri Special Combo-1Farali Aalu (Potato) Sweet Chivda (500gm)
Falahaari ThaliAloo Sendha Namak With Curd
Sabudana Khichadi With CurdFry Potato(With Fry Peanuts)
Mineral WaterBhindi Masala (Jainy)
Sabudana Wada (6 Pics)Falahari Sabudana Wada (Per Pc)
Sabarimala Spl Dinner Combo Available For BulkPaneer Makhmali And Sabudana Khichdi Navratri Thali
Rajbhog Spl. Navratri ThaliFalahari Sweet
Mixed FruitsFarali Red Chilli Masala Peanut ( 500gm )
Sabudana Khichdi ComboJeera Aloo Dahi Combo Box
Navratri ThaliHot Milk ( Varat)
Sabudana Wada With Curd ComboSabudana Khichadi With Curd Combo
Fruit Salad With CreamFrench Fries
Upwas Thali Navratri SpecialPuri(Varat) (4pcs)
Aloo Jeera With Plain Curd ComboFalahar Dry Fruit Tikki Chaat (1 Piece)
Sabudana Khichdi Combo (Navratri Special)Pooja Special Bengali Thali
Falahar- Kuttu Poori, Aloo Sabji + Jeera CurdVeg Meals
Vrat Ki Thali ( Special Navratri Menu)Veg Breakfast
Falahari ThaliChicken Popcorn
Sabudana KheerAloo Halwa (Navratri Special)
Navratri_special Fruit BasketFarali Sabudana Khichdi 250gm
Sabudana Wada ComboNavratri Sabudana Khichdi
Pethe Ki Sabji + Kuttu Ki Poori 4 NosSpecial Fast Dry Fruit Lassi
Saabu Dana Khitchdi (Navratri Special)Falahaar Dry Fruit Basket Chat (1 Piece)
Finger Chips ( For Vrat)Dal Butter Fry (Jain)
Navratri Special Sabudana KhichdiFalhari Dry Fruit Basket Chat (5 Pis)
Navratri Saboodana KhichdiVeg Mini Lunch
Fresh JuiceFalahari Sabudana Khichdi (100gms)
Comesum Special Navratra ComboDal Tadka (Jain)
Navratri Mini ThaliFalhari Mixtures + Curd
Luchi And Aloo DumSpecial Farali Aalu Tikiya With Dahi Chatni (2piece)
Falahar- Sabudana KhichdiPaneer Chatpata (Jainy) 300 Ml
Sabudana Khichdi DahiMilk Cake
Comesum Special Navratra ThaliSabudana Usal + Plain Curd
Navratri _special LassiFalahari Aloo Bhaji
Navratri _special Fruit ChaatChoco Chips Muffins
Falahari NamkeenPaneer Cheese Vada Pav
Navaratri Special- 2Fresh Chopped Mixed Fruit -Papaita, Banana, Apple (200 Gm)
Potato Chips (Wafers)South Indian Thali
Special Falhari ThaliPaneer Tikka + Sabudana Ki Kheer +Kuttu Ki Poori 4 Nos
Sabudana Khichdi (Vrat)Puri With Plain Curd (Varat)
Falahari MixtureVeg Mini Thali
Navratri Delux ThaliVeg Mini Standard Thali
Vrat Ki Poori BhajiRajbhog Spl. Navratri Meal (Varat)
Sweet Lassi Special 300ml “Homemade”Veg Mini Thali (No Onion No Garlic)
Plain Curd (300gm)Phalahari Thali
Paneer Butter Masala(Jainy)Fresh Chopped Papita (100 Gm)
Farali Potato Black Pepper Wafers (250gm)Dry Fruits Ki Kheer
Sabudana KhichdiPlain Curd
Dal Fry (Jainy)Veg Thali
Navratra ThaliChoco Chips Muffin
Puri With Aloo Jeera ComboPlain Barfi
Dal Tadka JainyAloo Jeera Dahi Combo
Fruit Chaat ( Navratri Special )Falahar Tikki Chat (1 Piece)
Sabudana Wada DahiSabudana Tikki
Mutton Kosha ( Mutton Kassa )Normal Thali
Cham – Cham ( Sweets)Navratare Spl Aloo Chaat
Navratri Combo INavratri Special Aloo Moongfali Sendha Namak (500 Ml Water Bottle Free)
Navratri Special Thali ( 1 Ltr Water Bottle Free)Farali Sabudana Khichdi (1 Plate)
Cheesy French FriesFalhari Bascket Aalo Chat (5 Pis)
Navratri Special ThaliAloo Jeera Combo
Sabudane Ki Khichdi ” Homemade” 300gNavratri Special
Zeera Aloo + Sabudana Ki Kheer+Kuttu Ki Poori 4 NosHot Milk (Navratri Special)
Navratri Sabudana Vada & Khichdi ComboPalak Paneer ( Jainy)
Aloo Jeera With Curd (Navratri Special)Falahar- Sabudana Khichdi + Potato Chips
Navratri Special Veg ThaliSamak Rice Dahi Combo
Milk Cake (Sweets)Special Tea
Sabudana Vada (Vrat)Apple (Varat)
Fresh Nimbu PaaniSweet Lassi (Navratri Special)
Falahari ThaalNavratri Special Aloo Jeera Desi Ghee ( 500 Ml Water Bottle Free)
Navarathri Spl Breakfast Available On (29-09-2019 To 07-09-2019)Veg Special Thali
Veg RollNavratri Special Sabudana Popcorn ( 500 Ml Water Bottle Free)
Navratri Combo-IChicken Pops
Mava Katli (Sweets)Foodland Special Navratri Thali
Falahari Tikki Chaat (1 Pis)Farari Biryani
Sweet Lassi (Varat)Vrat Ki Thali
Jhuri Aloo BhajaPaneer Butter Masala (Jainy) 300 Ml Without Oion N Garlic
Chicken Kosha And PulaoSalad Box
Sabudana KhichdiAloo Sabzi Poori Combo
Paneer Chatpata (Jainy)Milk Shake Rooh Afza Shake 300ml
Aloo Jeera (300gm)Puri Bhaji
Farali Spicy Potato Chivda (500gm)Sabudana Wada , 4 Pieces With Curd
Aloo Fry In Desi Ghee 300g ” Homemade”Falahar Tikki Chaat (5 Piece)
Sabudane Ki KheerSabudana Vada(With Curd+French Fries)
Navratri Deluxe ThaliVrat Special
Navratri Combo-IiDal Butter Fry (Jain) 300 Ml
Falahar- Sabudana Khichdi + Shrikhand & Potato ChipsSabudana Khichadi(With Curd And Juice)
Sabudana Vada 3 Pieces With DahiCut Fruits
Falhari Dry Fruit Basket Chat (1 Pis)Rasmalai (Varat Spl)
Falahar- Sabudana Khichdi+Mango ShrikhandSabudana Vada(With Curd+Juice 1glass)
Hot Milk ( Navratri Special )Falahari Puri Combo
Aloo KadhiPaneer Makhmali With Parathas, Arbi Masala
Falahari ThaliFresh Chopped Apple (100 Gm)
Bhindi Masala(Jainy)Dry Chewda / Aloo Chips
Aloo Jeera Puri ComboVeg Normal Thali
Farali Sabudana Khichdi (500gm)Chicken Masala Nuggets
Kuttu Pakodi Green Chatni Combo BoxUpwaas Ki Thali
Falhari Basket Aloo Chaat (1 Pis)Farali Potato Red Chilli Wafers (200gm)
Navarathri Spl Lunch Available On (29-09-2019 To 07-09-2019)Cream Cheese Waffles
Banana Wafers (250gm)Navratri Falhari Thali
Sabudana Vada+CurdFalahari Khichdi Combo
Navratri Special ComboNavrari Special
Jeera Aalu ( Navratra Special)Rabaddi
Navarathri Special Lunch Available(29-09-2019 To 07-10-2019)Palak Paneer (Jain)
Sabudana Kheer ( Navratri Special )Kaju Badam Ki Sabji +Sabudana Ki Kheer+Kuttu Ki Poori 4 Nos
Tava Aloo ChaatNavratra Special Dish
Faryal NamkeenCombo Special Dinner
Sabudana Khichdi (Navratri Special)Bhindi Masala (Jain)
Fruit Raita (Navratri Special)Navratri Fruit Bucket
Falahar Basket Aloo Chat (1 Piece)Navratri Special Dessert
Curd (Navratra Spl)Fruit Chat (Varat Spl)
Sabudana Khichdi With Curd Navratri Vrat SpecialFalahar- Kuttu Poori, Aloo Sabji+Mango Shrikhand
Finger Chips ( Navratri Special )Sabudana Vada Whit Curd
Navratri Falhari Aloo Sabzi PooriSpecial Varat Pista Burfi
Upwas Ki ThaliAloo Peanut Khichdi With Dahi
Jeera Aloo With Curd (Navratra Special)Navratre Spl Dry Petha
Farali Sweet Sabudana Chivda (1kg)Special Breakfast
Navratri Special Combo IFried Peanuts
Navratri Sabudana Vada & Curd ComboPalak Paneer (Jainy) Without Onion Garlic 300 Ml
Falhari Tikki Chaat (5 Pis)Falahar Dryfriut Tikki Chat (5 Piece)
Fruit Salad (Varat)Samak Kheer
Falahari NamkeenRajbhog Spl Navratra Thali
Jeera AlooVeg Roll (2 Pcs)
Dal Fry (Jain)Navratri Dahi Aaloo
Falhari Sabudana KhichadiSnacks
Farali Black Pepper Peanut (500gm)Curd With Kuttu Aata Puri (Varat Spl)
Watermelon 1000ml BoxDal Fry (Jainy) Without Onion Garlic 300 Ml
Navratra Special ThaliVeg Manual Breakfast
Falahar- Sabudana Khichdi & Potato ChipsBanana Shake
Navratri Ki ThaliVeg Breakfast For Bulk
Falahari Sabudana Khichdi (150gms)Sabudana Khichdi, Navratri Special
Sabudani Vada & CurdDal Tadka (Jain) 300 Ml Without Onion Garlic
Buttermilk ( Navratri Special )Navratri Poori
Navratri Falahari ThaliSabudana Kheer ,
Malai BarfiButtermilk (Navratri Special)
Dry Fruits Mava LaddoJeera Aloo With Curd (Varat Spl)
Fresh Fruit SaladSabudana Khichdi, + Curd Navratri Special
Saboodane Ke Papad ( 5pc) “Homemade”Special Dinner

How to order Navratri special thali & foods with the Food on Track mobile app? 

How to order Navratri special thali _ foods with the Food on Track mobile app

You can order Navratri Special Food on the train via the IRCTC eCatering official website and Food on Track mobile app. Also, try to order a few hours in advance for the widest food & restaurant options.

  • Just download the ‘Food on Track’ app from the Play Store or the App Store.

  • You can enter your PNR number and proceed to order for food delivery on our app. Alternatively, you can explore the myriad options available simply by searching for the train or station you want food at.

  • Upon entering the PNR number, the app will extract all the crucial information, including passenger details & train names.

  • A wide variety of brands & restaurants that deliver to stations on your route will be displayed for you to choose from.

  • Next, add the dishes of your choice from the widest range of Navratri special meals to your cart for delivery.

  • Select from the multiple payment options like UPI, wallets, net banking, credit card, debit card & also Cash on Delivery to place your order.

  • Your hot & fresh Sattvic food will then be delivered to your seat & verified by the delivery partner using the delivery code sent to you in order details/SMS/email.


Download the IRCTC eCatering Food on Track app now, and don’t lose out on the opportunity to order delicious Navratri Special thalis and delicacies right to your train seat and celebrate the festival while on your journey.

Navratri special Thali FAQs

How to get food in train?

You can order food in train by visiting the IRCTC eCatering website or the Food on Track mobile app or a call to customer care at 1323. You have a large range of alternatives accessible to pick from in terms of restaurants, as well as different kinds of cuisine.

How to place Navratri thali online orders on the train?

You may purchase your Navratri thali online from the comfort of your seat on the train by visiting  or downloading the IRCTC eCatering Food on Track app. You can also call customer care at 1323 to place your order.

What food can be eaten on Navratri fast?

Generally, Sattvic or Vrat foods and meals are consumed during a Navratri fast. People also abstain from consuming things like meat, liquor, grains and legumes during this period.

What food to eat in navratri fast/

You can eat Navratri Vrat meals, Sattvic foods as well as thalis prepared with Navratri specific ingredients in a Navratri fast. When on a train journey you can order Navratri special thalis and meals from IRCTC eCatering and enjoy a delicious Navratri feat.

Which is the best food service in train?

IRCTC eCatering is undoubtedly the best food delivery service in train. Just visit the official website at  or download the Food on Track mobile app to place your food orders in train.