Navratri Food on Train



As the festival of Navratri begins, North and Western India are high on much fanfare and pomp. Better known as the festival of endurance, Navratri focuses on restoring cosmic balance and harmony in the universe. Characterized by a lot of feasting and fasting, the eating habits of Indians take a different route during these 9 days.

It is a fact that fasting allows the body to rest and recuperate from all the physical exertion that it goes through during the day. It helps the body fight against diseases like diabetes and hypertension because it regulates blood sugar levels and blood pressure levels respectively. So, it becomes extremely important to be aware of what to intake and what not to, to keep yourself aligned with the goals of Navratri fasting.

Being the first of four Navratris in the Hindu Calendar, the Chaitra Navratri elapses from the 2nd of April 2022 to the 11th of April 2022. The 9 nights of fasting and worship are dedicated to the 9 incarnations of the Goddess Durga, with each day focusing on each incarnation of the deity.

The preparation for the Navratri feast and Vrat food at home is relatively easy to work with all of the raw materials readily available. Home food is always authentic and on days like Navratri, the authenticity counts more. So, IRCTC E-Catering brings you the most feasible solution while travelling during Navratri Vrat!

IRCTC eCatering ensures that you don’t miss out on having your Navratri Vrat special foods onboard your train journey to your destination.

With its authentic partner restaurants, you have the ease of ordering Navratri food online now anytime and anywhere when on a train journey.

IRCTC eCatering ensures that food is Navratri Vrat-friendly and does not contain onions, garlic, eggs, meat, or any other ingredients that are forbidden during the Navratri festival. Just as followed in Saatvik diets.

Be comfortable with a wide variety of Saatvik diet dishes catered right to your berth on your train.

From appetizing starters including ‘Sabudana Tikki’ & ‘Aloo Chaap’ to the main course with delicious options of ‘Paneer Makhmali with Paranthas’ and ‘Sabudana Khichdi with Curd’ followed by a wave of sweetness with the Navratri special dessert, ‘Sabudana Kheer’, IRCTC E-Catering guarantees authentic and wholesome Navratri Vrat meals on wheels.

Get a taste of the most renowned Navratri cuisines to pamper your taste buds from the comfort of your train seat.

You can order any time you want and at your convenience.

In just a few clicks on your Food on Track app. All you need to do is download the Food on Track app, select your favourite Navratri picks, enter your PNR, hit the order button, and sit back on your train berths,  while our executives deliver the Navratri food of your choice on your train seats.

Additionally, paying with the IRCTC eCatering is also made very convenient through online means and pay-on-delivery, as per your preference.

It’s as easy as it gets!

Now, go ahead, place your order, and get started
on that journey with a scrumptious Navratri meal
to keep your stomach and journey happy!