Monsoon Dishes Available On IRCTC eCatering Menu For Food On Train Delivery


Monsoon Dishes Available On IRCTC eCatering Menu For Food On Train Delivery

Monsoon is such a life saver, especially from hot and humid summers in India. When monsoons arrive, people try to stay indoors in order to avoid unnecessary slush on roads. However, only few people take monsoon as a golden opportunity to fill their thirst for adventure traveling. After all, traveling in monsoon is fun in itself, Isn’t it? Moreover, when it comes to travel, India can be an indisputable region of unique landscapes, lush mountains, mesmerizing heritages and thrilling terrains. The best way to explore beautiful locations in India is Indian Railways. Most importantly, Indian Railways offers the service of food on train to keep passengers happy on-board with delicious food while they explore their favorite destinations in the amazing weather of monsoon.

What is IRCTC food rail delivery?

Under the authorization of Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, IRCTC eCatering functions as a sole provider of food to the passengers onboard. IRCTC eCatering has a variety of dishes available to fulfill passenger’s monsoon cravings. With the simple process of online food ordering, passengers can get delicious monsoon dishes delivered right at their seats. The menu includes:

  1. Pav Bhaji– Thick vegetable curry served with a soft bread roll, Pav Bhaji originated in Mumbai and can be ordered onboard through IRCTC eCatering as a perfect monsoon snack for food rail delivery.

  2. Onion Bhajia– One of the most loved anytime snack, Onion bhajia can be savored hot and crispy onboard while traveling to your favorite destination.

  3. Jalebi Rabri– Completely off the list of spicy fried items, Jalebi with rabri can be enjoyed on a hot sunny day as well as during a downpour.

  4. Samosas– One of the basic yet irreplaceable monsoon snacks, Samosas have delighted us with their flavourful crunch. The passengers can order from a variety of samosas and relish them onboard while enjoying the soothing sound of rain drops.

  5. Noodles– Whether it is schezwan or hakka, we all love noodles. Getting a fiery hot plate of noodles during your journey onboard can set the mood just right and let you enjoy the journey at its best.

How to order dishes from eCatering’s food menu ?

IRCTC eCatering offers three ways through which passengers can order food for onboard delivery.

  1. IRCTC eCatering website- The passengers can order their favorite monsoon snack through IRCTC eCatering website Passengers should enter PNR number, select the meal, and the station at which they want the order to be delivered and pay through multiple modes of payment options.

  2. IRCTC eCatering ‘Food on Track app’- Making onboard food ordering/delivering convenient, IRCTC eCatering offers the service of its highly advanced ‘Food on Track’ mobile app available on android and iOS.

  3. IRCTC eCatering phone number- In case the passenger does not have access to the internet, then he/she can use IRCTC eCatering phone number 1323 and place order by confirming PNR to the executive on phone.

This season, enjoy the best of monsoon dishes with IRCTC eCatering and travel to explore best Indian destinations at your ease.