How to Get Food Delivery In Running Train


You must be familiar with opting for lunch, meal or dinner while booking your train tickets with IRCTC. Back in the day, this was the only way IRCTC provided food for train journeys. A few technological and physical barriers obstructed this service. Therefore, with limited options at hand, you may have felt a little constrained.

In today’s day and age, we all enjoy freedom of choice; the same was not possible previously. Now, with the advancement and modernization of Indian Railways, it is possible to facilitate a range of food items to choose from. Nowadays, you also have the option to order food on the train from your favourite restaurants and shops. IRCTC offers thousand-plus restaurants to order food from. Furthermore, Irctc has collaborated with Domino’s, Zoop, Relfood, GO foodie online, Yatri’s and Train Dhaba, among others.

This service may sound too good to be true. With the advancement in the Railways, it’s possible to track the location of the train easily. Accordingly, it is also possible to prepare food and deliver it right to your seat. To avail yourself of food delivery on the train, you simply need to fill in your ticket details. You can soon expect your delivery at the next station.

How to Order food on Running Train

You can order food on the train from various restaurants and food outlets through IRCTC just by following a few steps. You can either order food using IRCTC’s official e-catering website or through its app called “Food On Track”. Additionally, you can order food by placing a call on our food delivery toll-free number (1323). You should keep your ticket details handy, as you will be asked to fill in those details while ordering. Furthermore, make sure to fill in the correct details. Because your valuable time and effort matter to IRCTC; only if the details are correct will the delivery person be able to reach you at the earliest.

You have the option to order food on the train for yourself and your family. You should note that you could order food for a maximum of 15 people using this service. However, IRCTC’s services are not limited to only 15 people; you may place group orders for more than 15 people as well. In case of a bulk order that generally involves heavy transactions, you’d be properly assisted.

Steps to follow while ordering food through the Irctc E-Catering website

You should visit IRCTC’s official e-catering website ( On the homepage, fill in your PNR in the “Enter PNR to order” option and click on Submit. Next, you’ll have a list of restaurants for your journey that offer food rail delivery. You can choose the restaurant you want to order your food from and schedule it either by paying online or opting for Cash on Delivery. Your meal will be delivered by a delivery partner right to your seat.

Steps to follow while ordering food through IRCTC’s “Food On Track” mobile application

You can download this application from the Android play store or Apple store, following which you would have to create an account. Next, you need to fill in your PNR number and submit it. You’d be able to see the restaurants offering food on your train. Next, you’ll have to proceed with the restaurant of your choice and pay for your order online. You will also have the option to select Cash on Delivery. Now your food will be delivered at your scheduled time.

So, what are you thinking? Order food through IRCTC e-Catering for your next journey. IRCTC assures you of prompt food delivery—just like it offers a seamless travelling experience. This is just another initiative towards building our relationship stronger.


1. Will the food be delivered on time?

Yes, IRTC ensures prompt food delivery. Timely delivery is a top priority for us.

2. What if my food is not properly delivered?

You can talk to the grievance redressal team which will immediately resolve your queries.

3. What if there is an issue with the food?

You can place a complaint and it will be addressed shortly.

4. Can I order food on Call?

Yes, you can also order by calling on our food delivery number.

5. Can I order food for 20 people or more?

Yes, you can through the Group Booking option.

6. Do I have to pay extra for bulk orders?

No, you don’t have to pay extra for your bulk orders.

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