Healthy evening snacks on trains with IRCTC eCatering’s nutritious options


Jumping on a train ride may be a real rollercoaster of emotions, from thrilling anticipation to, well, a touch of boredom. But guess what? Those moments on the train might turn into a food extravaganza. Welcome to IRCTC eCatering! Get ready to reach your destination and enjoy every moment of your journey with a delicious selection of healthy evening snacks.

The Quest for Good Evening Snacks

The quest for good evening snacks often feels like a treasure hunt in a world where quick fixes and processed munchies dominate. Fear not, fellow travellers, for IRCTC eCatering is here to rescue your taste buds from the mundane. Let’s delve into the magic of healthy evening snacks and discover why they are good for your taste buds and well-being.

How health-conscious travellers can take the benefit of healthy snacks with IRCTC eCatering when they are travelling?

For health-conscious travellers seeking a nourishing respite during their train journeys, IRCTC eCatering stands as a beacon of wellness. The availability of healthy evening snacks ensures that passengers can make mindful choices.

Whether opting for protein-rich options, exploring weight-loss-friendly alternatives, or simply relishing wholesome treats, IRCTC eCatering transforms travel into a health-conscious adventure. With a commitment to providing a diverse menu that caters to various dietary needs, health-conscious travellers can now savour the journey without compromising their commitment to wellness. Say goodbye to travel-induced food compromises and hello to a flavorful and health-conscious voyage with IRCTC eCatering’s array of healthy evening snacks.

Unlocking the Nutrient Vault

Healthy evening snacks from IRCTC eCatering are not just about satisfying hunger pangs; they are a powerhouse of nutrients. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and essential proteins, these snacks offer a wholesome alternative to the usual suspects. Whether aiming for weight loss, maintaining a balanced diet, or simply indulging in guilt-free snacking, IRCTC eCatering has partnered with restaurants, food partners and outlets catering to all your dietary needs.

Best Evening Snacks for Weight Loss

The age-old notion that healthy snacks compromise on taste is debunked with IRCTC eCatering’s selection of the best evening snacks for weight loss. Say goodbye to the misconception that shedding those extra pounds requires depriving your taste buds. Opt for nutrient-dense choices like roasted chickpeas or a refreshing fruit platter to keep your metabolism kicking while savouring every bite.

Evening Snacks for Weight Gain

For those determined to counterbalance the scales, do not worry! IRCTC eCatering offers a wide range of options to cater to everyone’s preferences. Immerse yourself in the realm of nutritious nuts, trail mixes, and other healthy evening snacks to provide your body with the necessary vitality. Disregard thoughtless calorie consumption; these snacks guarantee you acquire the appropriate type of weight while maintaining your health.

Evening Snacks for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when a woman’s nutritional needs skyrocket. IRCTC eCatering acknowledges this crucial phase and offers a healthy evening snack menu tailored to the dietary requirements of expectant mothers. From nutrient-rich salads to protein-packed snacks, our offerings are designed to support both the health of the mother and the growing baby.

How to order healthy evening snacks via IRCTC eCatering on your train journeys?

  • Start by accessing the IRCTC eCatering platform through their user-friendly website or Food on Track mobile app or call 1323.
  • To explore the options, input your Passenger Name Record (PNR) number.
  • Specify your train and route information.
  • Explore the diverse menu specifically curated for health-conscious travellers.
  • Select from a range of healthy evening snacks.
  • Once satisfied with your selection, add the items to your cart and checkout.
  • Enter the delivery details, including your seat/berth number and any specific instructions for the delivery staff.
  • Complete the payment process using the available payment options on the platform.
  • After successful payment, you’ll receive your order confirmation and an estimated delivery time.

Options Beyond the Ordinary

IRCTC eCatering’s commitment to healthy evening snacks goes beyond routine choices. For those seeking evening protein snacks, delve into the realm of grilled chicken skewers or boiled eggs. This protein-packed punch fuels your journey with energy. The options are not just limited to non-vegetarian fare; there’s something for the vegetarian palate as well. The menu offers diverse flavours, including the tangy street cuisine of Mumbai, the spicy delicacies of Kolkata, and the fragrant lanes of Hyderabad.

We must remember that snacking is not just about satisfying hunger; it is an artistic expression, a culinary medium waiting to be discovered. IRCTC eCatering elevates every snack into a flavorful masterpiece, celebrating the rich diversity of different regions. This ensures that your dining experience is not just a physical excursion but also a “food expedition” through the core of India.


Regarding healthy evening snacks, IRCTC eCatering is truly the unsung hero of train travel. Why not step up your munching game next time you’re on a train? It’s a little but satisfying way to make the journey even better. With IRCTC eCatering, we offer various alternatives that suit various tastes and dietary needs.

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