Must-have dishes for Food Delivery in Train at Ranchi Railway Station


If your next train journey will take you through Ranchi, then here’s the ultimate list of local dishes that will satiate your food lover’s soul. And you know what’s the most amazing thing about this list? You can get food delivery in train at Ranchi railway station and devour these delicacies without stepping out of the comfort of your coach.

food delivery in train at Ranchi railway station

  1. Litti Chokha: Jharkhand’s traditional breakfast, litti chokha is a staple made using whole wheat flour, herbs, spices, mashed potatoes and sattu stuffing. It is usually accompanied by yoghurt, baigan bharta, aloo bharta and papad. Although it is sometimes confused with the Rajasthani ‘baati’, its flavours are quite unique and you must try this wholesome dish on your upcoming journey with the railways. To order veg food delivery at Ranchi railway station, visit

  2. Jhal Muri: Want to munch on something delicious while you wile away time? Kick boredom away by ordering a yummy plate of jhal muri, a true celebration of street food. The crunch of puffed rice, the tanginess of the chutneys along with an assortment of vegetables and spices make it the perfect snack. Loaded with a slew of flavours, this low-calorie dish can be enjoyed anytime of the day. To place your order from a famous street food vendor, download the ‘Food On Track’ app today.

  3. Kadhi Badi: A delicious savoury dish made with gram flour, this is one of the most loved dishes in Bihar. Enjoy a lip-smacking preparation for lunch or dinner by ordering from a trusted IRCTC vendor. The problem with ordering food from outside is that although it is absolutely irresistible, sometimes it is not prepared in the most hygienic way. This is when IRCTC’s eCatering service comes to your rescue. Food from our vendors passes through several quality checks before it finally reaches you so that you only get healthy, fresh and hygienic khana on the train at Ranchi or any other railway station.

  4. Malpua: Conclude your meal with a desi style pancake or malpua that is a part of the traditional cuisine of Bihar and Jharkhand. The soft centre and crispy corners of this golden sweet dish is sure to make your day even sweeter. Synonymous with Holi, the familiar taste of malpua will bring home to you the comforting and joyous memories associated with your childhood and the brilliant festival of colours. To place your orders for desserts as well as veg or non veg food delivery at Ranchi railway station IRCTC’s eCatering service, call on 1323.

We have also noticed that some of our travellers find it difficult to get Jain food at Ranchi railway station. But with IRCTC’s eCatering service, you can easily get your hands on Jain meals that are carefully prepared using authenticated ingredients and proper hygiene standards are maintained throughout the process. So, now you know that to enjoy the best food on the train at Ranchi railway station, you need to have the ‘Food On Track’ app on your phone. Download now and plan a food fiesta for your next journey when you can get non veg food delivery at Ranchi railway station or veg food delivery at Ranchi railway station or even the most decadent desserts and healthy snacks on the go!