Food delivery in train at Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Malegaon stations – IRCTC’s ecatering


Food delivery in train at Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Malegaon & other stations through IRCTC’s ecatering

Do you want to order fresh food and have it delivered to you on the train? Your wait is finally over with the eCatering “Food On Track” app from the IRCTC! Fast, convenient food delivery in trains is now possible. All thanks to IRCTC’s new eCatering services. eCatering is a great innovation. In other words, it allows passengers to order fresh, tasty restaurant meals at several railway stations.


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What is IRCTC’s eCatering service?

Advantages of food delivery in train via IRCTC eCatering?

Ahmedabad food delivery in train

Nagpur food delivery in train

Surat food delivery in train

Food delivery in train at Mughalsarai

Bhopal food delivery in train


What is IRCTC’s eCatering service?

IRCTC eCatering service

The IRCTC’s e-catering services provide the best food delivery in trains. This allows customers to order food from more than 500 eateries along rail lines and stations. The customers can now order and get fresh, hot, delicious, hygienic food. This is then delivered directly to their train seat at their station of choice. This makes this experience enjoyable for them. 

They also feature a vast and varied menu. It basically includes many options from vegetarian, non-vegetarian, Jain, egg-based, to vegan specialities. It also features Italian, Chinese, and North and South Indian cuisine. Dominos, Faasos, Zoop, Comesum, and Yatris are just a few of the well-known and well-loved brands that you can choose from.


Advantages of food delivery in train via IRCTC eCatering?

  • The process is simple, easy and reliable.

  • Secondly, the ‘Food On Track‘ App makes your food ordering process hassle-free.

  • Furthermore, the food is fresh, hot, hygienically prepared and delicious too.

  • Moreover, there are multiple payment options available.

  • When a passenger or IRCTC cancels a train or travel, the food ordered through e-catering is automatically cancelled.

  • OTP confirmation ensures the appropriate passenger gets the right meal. 

  • IRCTC accepts feedback, thanks, and complaints unquestionably.

Now that we have seen an overall view of the process let’s look at food deliveries in trains at some of the most famous and busiest railway stations.


Ahmedabad food delivery in train

Amdavad, or Ahmedabad, is the capital city of Gujarat. The city gained its riches mostly from textile manufacturing, earning it the nickname ‘Manchester of the East.’ Its past is as rich as its commercial potential. Yet Ahmedabad also retains several historically significant landmarks.


IRCTC eCatering services at Ahmedabad railway station

The Ahmedabad Jn. Railway station is the main station serving Ahmedabad. IRCTC eCatering offers food delivery in train at Ahmedabad Jn Railway Station. To access the meal selections, customers must provide their 10-digit PNR number. Domino’s Pizza, China Hut, and The Grand Bhagwati are among the best restaurants that offer food here. Local cafes are also a part of the online food delivery service in the train, like Hotel Sagar and Hotel Food Plaza.


IRCTC eCatering Offers a Wide range of Vegetarian, Non-vegetarian and Jain Foods

The Ahmedabad railway station serves various Gujarati dishes for lunch and dinner. These include vegetarian deluxe thalis, Khichdi, Handvo, and Veg fried rice. Poha, omelettes, sandwiches, and thepla are among the preferred breakfast options. Additionally, you have various options to select from when it comes to sweets, like faluda, jalebi, kulfi, lassi and shrikhand.

You can place your food delivery in train orders through the IRCTC’s eCatering website and mobile App called ‘Food On Track’. Then make payments for your food orders with debit/credit cards, net banking, UPI or COD.


Food orders in Bulk through IRCTC eCatering

Booking food in bulk with the most incredible prices for Ahmedabad Jn station is also an option when catering to large groups. It’s possible to make an order for meals in just a few simple steps for school or college student groups. You can also do so for business teams travelling together.

What are the popular dishes you can order?

  • Breakfast options include aloo paratha, pav bhaji, idli vada, or bread omelette.

  • Secondly, pizzas, paneer makhani, dal khichdi, vegetable biryani, and paneer taka tak are among the many popular dishes available for delivery in train.

  • In addition, gulab jamun, barfi etc., are among the popular desserts on offer.


Nagpur food delivery in train

nagpur food delivery in train

Nagpur is Maharashtra’s winter capital. Known as the “orange city”, it is a significant trading hub for oranges. IRCTC eCatering delivers fresh, hot meals in trains at Nagpur Central Station. Passengers may choose from various meals by entering their 10-digit PNR number. Restaurants such as Dominos, Comesum, Zoop, and others provide food in trains at Nagpur.

How can the passenger order?

The eCatering website or ‘Food On Track’ mobile App allows passengers to place food orders online. Cash on delivery, debit cards, and payment with mobile wallets are the many available payment methods.

What are the popular dishes you can order?

  • Order from the several breakfast options to start the day off well. Vegetable cutlet and pav bhaji are two of the most preferred.

  • Lunch & dinner favourites include chicken curry, dal makhani, rice, naan, and shahi paneer, among many more. 

  • Rasgulla, gulab jamun, halwa, ice cream, and other sweets are available.

  • You also have a wide array of seafood.

  • You can also order breakfast in bulk or for people in groups.


What are some of the most popular eateries offering food via IRCTC eCatering?

  • Comesum has a variety of vegetarian meals. They include the Veg Comesum Thali, the Veg standard thali, the Comesum Veg Maharaja Deluxe thali.

  • The non-veg options include chicken dum biryani, egg dum biryani, and a non-vegetarian version of the Comesum Thali.

  • Brindavan Ice and Spice serves standard thali, Chola rice, and aloo paratha. They also offer cheese grilled sandwiches, veg peas pulao, chicken masala, jeera rice. You can also find poha, dal fry, dal khichdi, butter chicken, bhindi masala, dal tadka, and more.

  • Similarly Shree Ganesh Bhandar serves puri sabzi, veg biryani, jeera rice, dahi vada, lemon rice, idli, vada, sambhar, kachori, Uttapam, Masala milk, and manchurian. 

  • A common denominator among them is their deliciousness. You can get Nagpur’s greatest cuisine delivered directly at your train seat. Download the ‘Food on Track’ App immediately to take advantage of IRCTC eCatering.


Surat food delivery in train

surat food delivery in train

Enjoy the quickest and best food delivery in train at Surat station. Surat is a prominent and well-known station where train meals are booked. Customers can now contact IRCTC eCatering or make an order on the website or ‘Food On Track’ App. IRCTC offers hot, tasty, and sanitary meals from local eateries at Surat station to customers at their train seats on time.

Food through IRCTC eCatering website and App

We want train food to be excellent, fresh, affordable, and packaged well. Surat is known for its excellent cuisine. Hence, IRCTC eCatering has partnered with many prominent vendors to serve you on your train journey. You can place an order for a large group or a single train customer.

What are the popular dishes you can order?

Some must-try food items are:

Jain food thali


Food delivery in train at Mughalsarai

  • Firstly, you can order for food delivery in Mughalsarai by using the IRCTC eCatering website or ‘Food On Track’ App. You can otherwise call their toll-free number, 1323, to place your order.

  • After entering your 10-digit PNR, you’ll see a list of stations where you may order food delivery along your journey.

  • Once you’ve selected a train station, you can look for a nearby restaurant.

  • Thereafter, add your favourite food items to the cart.

  • Place your purchase, pay for it online by selecting a payment method, and complete the transaction. You may also choose “pay on delivery” and pay cash upon delivery.

You must relax and wait for a delicious plate of food to arrive at your train seat.

Bhopal food delivery in train

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh’s capital, has a remarkable blend of natural beauty, old-world elegance, and urban design. Also it is among the most environmentally friendly and cleanest cities in the nation. You can find the lively imprint of several religions and civilisations. The imprints of the Mughals and Afghans, as well as reflections of different religions, give Bhopal a distinct character.

What does IRCTC’s eCatering service offer at Bhopal Railway station?

IRCTC’s eCatering service offers fresh meal delivery at Bhopal Railway Station too. People only need to input their 10-digit PNR to access the variety of available food selections. Restaurants such as Dominos, Comesum, Zoop, and others provide online food delivery in train at Bhopal railway station through IRCTC. You can also sample local specialities.

What are the popular dishes you can order?

Multiple cuisines are available. These include Indian, Punjab, Mughlai, Assamese, Chinese etc. Hotel Ranjeet, Comesum, and Mizaz-e-Bhopal are some of the most popular outlets partnering with IRCTC to provide food at Bhopal Railway station.


Itarsi food delivery in train

food delivery in train

Itarsi Junction railway station is in the Narmadapuram district of Madhya Pradesh. Since it sees around 420 trains depart daily, it ranks within the top 10 busiest railway stations in India. It’s part of the West Central Railway zone.

IRCTC provides fresh, hot and delicious food delivery at Itarsi Railway station. People can place their orders through the IRCTC eCatering website and App. Debit/credit cards, net banking, UPI, digital wallets and Cash on Delivery options are available for Itarsi Station train food delivery.

What are some popular food outlets delivering via IRCTC eCatering?

A broad selection of cuisines is available for train food delivery at Itarsi. These include local specialities and food from popular local restaurants.

  • Jayka Bhojnalaya And Caterers and many more local restaurants

  • Muskan Caterers And Suppliers

  • Sai Kadam Enterprises

  • Kanha Restaurant

Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Food Options at Itarsi Railway Station

  • Local delicacies are the most popular food items at Itarsi train station. These include veg deluxe thali, seekh kebab, papad ki sabzi, bhutte ka kees, sabudana khichdi, and Veg fried rice. 

  • Some of the favourites for breakfast are poha (rice), palak puri, dal bafla, and khasta kachori.

  • Many sweet delicacies, such as malpua, jalebi, ice cream, and more, are available for dessert.


Food delivery in train FAQs

Can we order food while travelling in train?

Yes, most definitely. You can order food through IRCTC’s eCatering website and mobile App.


What is the best food delivery in train?

IRCTC eCatering is the best and most reliable medium to order food in train.


What is IRCTC’s train food delivery app?

The IRCTC’s food delivery on train app is known as the “Food On Track’ App.


How to pay for IRCTC eCatering online food orders in train?

You may make secure online payments from a variety of sources. They are Debit/ Credit Cards, Net Banking, eWallets and COD.


How to place an order for food delivery using the IRCTC eCatering ‘Food on Track’ App for the Ahmedabad Jn ADI?

  • Enter PNR or Station Name’ Ahmedabad Jn’ or code ‘ADI’ in the search box of the IRCTC’s ‘Food On Track’ App.

  • Choose a restaurant from the provided drop-down menu.

  • Make your selections from the menu card available online.

  • Pay online in advance with the various options available. Or you can choose the cash on delivery option.

  • Get your order directly at your train seat at Ahmedabad Railway station.


What are some most popular railway stations where IRCTC eCatering offers its service?

There are several prominent stations where you can avail of IRCTC’s eCatering service. Some are Chennai, MughalSArai, Allahabad, Kanpur, Itarsi, Patna, Lucknow and Vadodara Railway station.

Masala dosa

Laccha paratha

Veg Fried Rice

Bhindi Do pyaza

Dal makhani

Schezwan noodles

Veg Handi

Subz Milijuli

Veg lollipop

Chana Masala

Pineapple juice

Cheese Mysore dosa

Aloo Gobi

Veg Raita

Achari Paneer