Chinese Food on Train


Being a food blogger for the past 7 years, I have realised people expect me to not love one type of cuisine but love food in general. I think if I was in their place, I’d probably expect the same. After all, as a responsible blogger, I must try as many cuisines and dishes which I can later share with my audience. Honestly, I am not even complaining, I love food in general but having tried multiple cuisines over the years, I have finally found my soulmate cuisine and can you guess what is it?

It is the most celebrated ‘Indian Chinese’ that gets my heart beating in no time and puts a smile as wide as a train coach on my face. It literally puts me in a good mood every time I relish it.

The term ‘Chinese Food’ literally gets me salivating, that’s how much I enjoy eating pan Asian cuisine. My family and friends know how much I love it and they can easily term it as my go-to cuisine for most days in a week. If I am sad, all one needs to do is order some Chinese food and I become the calmest person ever.

Anyhow, this one is solely dedicated to my experience on one of my recent train journeys for a job interview in another city. I cannot stress on how amazing my journey was going; I was spending quality time with my mother, which I don’t get to do anymore. I didn’t dive into meaningless conversations with anyone on my phone, didn’t feel like updating on any social media channels of how great of a time I was having because I was genuinely enjoying having real conversations with people seated next to me. We discussed the weather, the delicious food that was available in the train via IRCTC E Catering service, made some new friends and what not. The non-digital way of living is almost forgotten but through experiences like these, one happens to get in touch with them again.

What surprised me the most about this journey was, Chinese food on train… and not just any average Chinese food on train, but piping hot and delicious Chinese food on train. I can’t believe I have repeated the same term almost 3 times but I am still not over it. Myself and mother dearest decided to order some Chinese as we approached towards ending the night, and we were pleasantly surprised with the options we had laid out in front of us. I quickly walked through the Food on Track IRCTC app on my phone looking through the available food options on the journey and it had a long list of Chinese meals available. From Manchurian to Chilli Chicken to Fried Rice, you name it and it was on the menu staring your right back and then there was no stopping me. We ordered a bunch of different things from the menu, and let me just quote how delicious it was. We made sure to share it with our fellow passengers who later ended up ordering more Chinese food on train and we ended up trying more dishes which were equally delicious. So that’s how insanely amazing my recent train journey was. Would love to hear yours in the comments below.