5 benefits of ordering food on a train using IRCTC’s eCatering food service


Food forms an integral part of every culture, it brings people together and helps form communities that remain bonded by their common traditions and food preferences. Food is also a major reason why people from different corners of the world love to visit India and explore the cuisine that is unique to each state in the country. As India has a varied terrain and the climatic conditions are also different for different parts of the country, there is a distinctiveness to the food; depending on its source of origin. If you want to taste the exotic and rich flavours particular to every state in the country, then the best way to do so is by getting on a train. A slow, soothing, leisurely train journey will really take you to the heart of every place in India and give you ample opportunity to explore each cuisine at your own pace. And if you prefer the comfort of your train seat, then you can easily get piping hot, mouthwatering local delicacies served to you. With IRCTC’s eCatering service, you can get delicious food on the train, wherever you want, whenever you want. Want to know what makes this service so special? Read on to find out.

  1. Hygienic meals: At IRCTC eCatering, hygiene is our priority. The health of our customers is more important than anything else which is why all the restaurants associated with us follow all the FSSAI guidelines with utmost care and attention. From the use of fresh ingredients to proper packaging, you can rest assured that all your meals are prepared while maintaining top standards of hygiene.
  2. Ample variety: With over 500 restaurants and vendors to choose from, you’ll have so many options that you’ll find it hard to pick just one. You’ll also get plenty of cuisines to choose from and everything from light snacks to proper thalis on the menu.
  3. Easy-to-order: You can place your food order using one of three ways. You can download the IRCTC eCatering ‘Food On Track’ on your mobile phone, call on 1323 or visit the official website at www.ecatering.irctc.co.in. Pick an option that is convenient for you and enjoy the lip-smacking authentic flavours of India on the go.
  4. Multiple payment options: From credit cards to cash on delivery, every payment option is made available for your convenience. Keep the cash handy or pre-pay for your order using a credit card. And don’t worry, in case of a refund, your money will be credited back to the source.
  5. Meals for many: Travelling in a huge group? No problem. Just pre book your meals using our ‘Group Food Service’ feature and let your entire troop enjoy an elaborate spread while on the train. Catering to any number of passengers, this service is ideal for a group of students, corporate employees, government officials, pilgrims and more.
  6. Order delicious food from Rail Yatri, Domino’s, Halidiram’s, Comesum, Subway, Biryani Blues, Faasos or any of your favourite food joints easily with IRCTC’s ‘Food On Track’ app. The idea behind our eCatering service is to provide millions who travel on rails, the comfort of well-cooked meals along with the ecstasy of trying a new cuisine. So, whatever makes your heart happy, all timefavourites or something new, we’ll have it on the menu for you! Let your journey be a true celebration of food, a celebration of tradition, a celebration of cultures that hold us all together. Food on the train can never be boring, as long as you have the ‘Food On Track’ app on your phone!