5 Best Selling Food Items at Chennai Railway Station


The capital city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai was once a small cluster of villages and settlements that has today grown into one of the country’s largest metropolises. A vibrant destination, it harbours a thriving culinary scene, which is a potpourri vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. If you are travelling through Chennai railway station and are not sure about which food items to try, then here’s a list of some popular and authentic dishes that may become the highlight of your trip!

The best of South Indian cuisine to try on a train journey

  • Filter Coffee: Everyone’s all-time favourite, filter coffee is the perfect way to kick-start your day. If you are on a long train journey and want to feel fresh and full of energy, a revitalizing cup of steaming hot filter coffee is just what you’d need. Almost every corner of the city boasts of high quality freshly brewed coffee that is overflowing with froth and is sure to tantalize your taste buds. Don’t want to take the risk of getting it from an open cart on the railway platform? Simply use IRCTC’s eCatering service to get a fresh cuppa of Chennai-style filter coffee on the go.

  • Nethili Fry: A great destination for seafood enthusiasts, Chennai harbours an exciting array of seafood thanks to one of its earliest inhabitants, the fishing community. Nethili fry is a quintessential seafood dish that is easily available in the city’s multitude of restaurants that prepare this lip-smacking dish with fried anchovies and a lavish coating of spicy masalas. So, order non-veg food at Chennai railway station and get ready to dig into this crunchy and scrumptious treat.

  • Masala Dosai: A trip to South India is incomplete without relishing a plate of hot & crispy masala dosa. Served with sambhar (spicy lentil soup) and a variety of yummy chutneys, masala dosa is a complete meal in itself. Because of the immense popularity of this dish, it is now available with as many different variations as you can imagine starting from chocolate to pizza dosas. But nothing beats the taste of a good old ghee roast masala dosa which remains a classic!

  • Chicken Chettinad: One of South India’s most flavoursome dishes, chicken Chettinad incorporates a unique blend of deep-roasted and ground spices and herbs; giving it a distinct characteristic flavour. Like most dishes from Chettinad cuisine, its chicken gravy is fiery hot, spicy and full of flavour. Order non-veg food at Chennai railway station to relish this unique savoury delight.

  • Mysore Pak: This melt-in-your-mouth traditional Indian sweet is made with just three simple ingredients- sugar, Bengal gram and desi ghee. Although it originated in the city of Mysore in Karnataka, this soft and delicious dessert is easily available throughout Chennai and rest of the SOuthern parts of India as well. Next time you order food delivery in train at Chennai, end your meal with this perfectly satisfying sweet.

With IRCTC’s eCatering service, you can order veg food at Chennai railway station or-non veg food at Chennai railway station from some of the best restaurants that too from the comfort of your train seat or berth. Can’t wait to try these divine delicacies? Download IRCTC’s ‘Food On Track’ app today and make your train journey a culinary extravaganza.

Disclaimer: The above-mentioned details and dishes/menu are subject to change. Please log onto IRCTC’s official eCatering website i.e. www.ecatering.irctc.co.in or download IRCTC eCatering’s ‘Food On Track’ application from Google Play store or iTunes for more information.