20 Highly nutritious & healthy Indian food you can order in trains


It’s always exciting to take a trip by train! Travelers get a once-in-a-lifetime experience on train journeys since they travel through various stunning landscapes. But you’re sure to have a longing for delicious and healthy Indian food on the train while taking in the view of stunning scenery out the window.

This shows how crucial food is in a journey, whether by car, train, or plane. Getting good, wholesome food orders in train is more difficult than eating at well-known establishments or food shops. Enjoying a nice and healthy meal while traveling by train is a terrific way to pass the time.

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Order healthy Indian food in train online with IRCTC eCatering

How can IRCTC eCatering aid you get healthy Indian foods on the train?

Health Indian food to order in trains


Order healthy Indian food in train online with IRCTC eCatering

In addition to being economical, train travel is also quite pleasant, which is why most Indians choose it. However, there is a serious issue with food service on trains. You wouldn’t exactly describe some of the train food as being healthy and nutritious. You can’t depend on the pantry’s foods or the vendors on platforms to keep you nourished.

As a result, the optimal strategy is to use the IRCTC eCatering website or the “Food on Track” app to place a food order while you are traveling by train. This way, you can get delicious, nutritious and healthy Indian food at your train seat. You can’t help but give in to your hunger after seeing the selection of tempting dishes on IRCTC eCatering’s list.

You can get a lot of choices even if you want gluten-free Indian food. And what could be handier than having delicious and healthy meals brought right to your berth?

How can IRCTC eCatering aid you get healthy Indian foods on the train?

Besides the obvious health benefits, this is the greatest way to save money on meals on a train trip. However, the large IRCTC eCatering menu may make it difficult to order meals regularly. We have lined up some of these dishes you must try on your next train journey.

Health Indian food to order in trains

Health Indian food to order in trains

You can always rely on these 20 tasty and healthy Indian food options while on your train journey.

The Traditional Vegetable Thali

It will be better to stay away from meat if you are on a lengthy train ride. It’s more difficult to digest and, as a result, may give you some discomfort. If you want to keep it light, go with a simple vegetarian thali. These thalis are a great option for a meal on the go, whether it’s for lunch or supper. You will sometimes get rice, dal, curry or even some achar or papad. You can also get a salad. The amount in these thalis is often plenty for anyone.

Multigrain sandwich

When you’re on the go, whole grain or multigrain toast filled with fresh veggies, chicken, cheese, tofu, or salmon is a terrific alternative. Healthy fillings between two multigrain bread slices make for an ideal snack, especially if you want to keep things sanitary while still getting the nutrition you need.

Idli Sambar

You can choose SarvanaBhavan, or any IRCTC eCatering approved food supplier on the ‘Food on Track’ app to receive a plate of fresh and delicious idlis with sambar and chutney. And most importantly, it will be delivered straight to your train seat/berth. You just have to enter your PNR number, select the restaurant and food, confirm the payment option and wait for your delivery. That’s all there is to it!

Corn-pea salad

Quick bites like salads are ideal since they can be consumed on the run. Corn and peas salads are nutritious and will keep you going for a while.

Plain Dosa

Dosa, a popular dish in South India, is another healthy Indian food option. It goes well with various tangy chutneys and a steaming bowl of hot sambar for an all-around satisfying dinner.

Chicken Roll

Fast food chicken is heavy in calories and poor in nutrients. But slow roasted, steamed or baked chicken is a great form of protein and essential minerals. A chicken roll is an excellent option for a train journey meal if you are searching for something to eat healthy yet tasty.


Beaten rice is known as poha. There are several ways to make this healthy Indian recipe, including combining it with other foods. Poha (beaten rice), finely chopped onion and potatoes, mustard seeds, curry leaves, split black lentils, and chana dal are among the many components. Most people have it for breakfast or as a light snack at night.

You can order this delicious breakfast dish on the train from IRCTC eCatering.

Vegetable Khichdi

This nutritious and healthy Indian dish includes dal, rice, and veggies cooked to perfection. If you’re looking for something high in protein, fiber, and other essential nutrients, khichdi is a great choice. It’s a nutritious, tasty, and digestible meal.

A Vegetable/Chicken salad

You can’t beat the nutritional benefits of a diet-friendly vegetable salad packed with fiber, minerals, and protein. You have a broad choice of alternatives, such as chatpata chickpeas, chicken slices, hara bhara, tandoori tofu, etc. And you can then indulge in a delectable bowl of fresh, nutritious delight.

Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana khichdi is an Indian vegan sago dish. It is ideally consumed on the day of fasting, but you can also enjoy it on other days as a meal for many reasons, such as breakfast, lunch, and supper.

Sabudana is a versatile ingredient, and you can find it in cuisines like khichdi, chutney, kheer, tikka, etc. This meal is wholesome and nutrient-dense. And it is now possible for you to enjoy it even while riding on a train.

Order hot and fresh sabudana khichdi from IRCTC eCatering at affordable rates.

Masala Dosa

Most individuals who have had masala dosa, a south Indian morning meal, have enjoyed it. Various masalas, such as paneer masala or aloo masala, are filled into this crispy, crunchy, hot dish made from dosa batter.

While it is particularly famous in the southern region of India, this dish has spread to other regions of the nation and even beyond. A tasty and healthy Indian food, it is the perfect marriage of spicy potatoes with crispy dosa.

If you’re a fan of South Indian cuisine, masala dosa is a must-have meal for you to try. IRCTC eCatering makes it simple to have delicious masala dosa while traveling.

Paneer Biryani 

Paneer Biryani is a kind of Indian rice pilaf that is fragrant and flavorful. It is created with aromatic basmati rice, paneer cubes (a type of Indian cottage cheese), some vegetables, and several spices. This biryani is a one-of-a-kind dish that’s both flavorful and delicious. Although meat is the most popular ingredient in biryani, paneer, or Indian cottage cheese, can also be used.

Paneer biryani is a must-try if you like real biryani but are a vegetarian. The vegetarian biryani connoisseurs will adore it. In addition, paneer biryani is a delicious yet healthy Indian dish. Don’t be hesitant! With IRCTC eCatering, you can get delectable paneer biryani from some of the city’s best eateries.

Rice or Roti Combo Meal

If you’re searching for something light to eat for supper but still desire rice or Rotis, these meals are for you. In the Rotis combination meal, you’ll receive roti and sabzi, while in the Rice combo meal, you’ll get dal and rice. Curd rice is a nutritious way to end your meals. It is a wholesome food that works well on train journeys.

Aloo Gobi

This vegetarian recipe comprises cauliflower and potatoes cooked with onions and spices, including cumin, turmeric, and chillies. Cauliflower is cruciferous and is known for its cancer-fighting properties. Although further study is required, it’s possible that including a lot of turmeric will have additional advantages.

Litti chokha

Traditionally cooked with whole wheat flour, herbs, spices, and mashed potatoes, Litti Chokha is a common dish in Bihar and Jharkhand. All of the accompanying foods are nutritious, too: yogurt, brinjal bharta, potato bharta, and papad. Try it on your train ride since it is a nutritious, healthful, and delicious meal.


Are you traveling by train and having a snack hunger? We’ve got you covered. Avoid boredom by getting a mouthwatering portion of the delicious street food delicacy called jhal muri. 

Crunchy puffed rice, tangy chutneys, veggies, and spices make it a great snack. This low-calorie meal is jam-packed with flavor and can be eaten at any time of the day.

Chole Masala

It is also well-known for the term “Chana masala,” which refers to an excellent spicy gravy chickpea meal you can prepare and use as a sandwich stuffing. Alternatively, you can enjoy it with rice, pooris, rotis, and bhaturas. 

This healthy Indian food is incredibly tasty and has a distinctive flavor since it contains a variety of Indian spices, including cumin, garam masala, bay leaf, and turmeric. Make a sandwich with chole masala the next time you travel by train. You won’t regret it! It’s the most nutritious way to slash your food bill.

Baingan Bharta

Eggplant is roasted in the oven, then peeled, mashed, and cooked with herbs, garlic, and tomatoes for this recipe. Roti is a good addition to this dish. Consumption of eggplants may help you lose weight since they are naturally low in calories and abundant in fiber, antioxidants and polyphenols. 

With its heart-healthy ingredients and low sugar content, this meal is a smart choice for people with diabetes and anyone with high blood pressure, while traveling. You don’t have to get off the train to buy food. Just download the Food on Track from the Play Store or Apple Store to have your food delivered to your seat.

Paneer Tikka 

Served hot from the tandoor, Paneer Tikka is a delectable snack to enjoy on long train rides. Passengers on trains like this vegetarian alternative to Chicken Tikka. Paneer cubes are skewered with onion and tomato petals and cooked in a tandoor.

If you are going somewhere on a train, eating some Paneer Tikka will help you feel fuller for longer. It’s a great source of iron, magnesium, protein, and calcium. And hence it’s good for individuals of all ages.


healthy Indian food Conclusion

Rather than eating old and unhealthy pantry food, why not get tasty and healthy meal delivery from us? It’s easy to order your favorite meal using the ‘Food on Track’ smartphone app. Alternatively, you can also book your healthy Indian food in trains from the IRCTC eCatering website or give a call on 1323.

Your PNR number will include a list of stations and eateries that deliver to railway stations on your route. You can order healthy Indian food on trains from one of the more than 500 approved vendors that provide a broad variety of options. You can choose from a broad selection of cuisines, including North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Italian, Homestyle food etc.

And yes, you can order food from all around India and have it delivered right to your seat, and it’s all very reasonably priced. The next time you’re on a train trip, take advantage of our services and stay healthy!

Healthy Indian food in train FAQs

Why is Indian food healthy?

Indian food is healthy because it has the perfect amalgamation of vegetarian and non-vegetarian things along with the use of spices, dairy products and healthy cooking methods.

Is South Indian food healthy?

Yes, south-Indian food is definitely healthy. Because they are light, protein-rich, full of fibers, easy on the gut and do not rely much on refined food items.

Is Indian food healthy for you?

Yes, if eaten in the right way and proportion, Indian food can be healthy for you.

Indian vs Chinese food Which is healthy?

It depends upon one’s [perception and eating habits. Any cuisine can be healthy or unhealthy depending upon your quality or quantity of food intake.

What is healthy Indian food?

Healthy Indian food is food which includes all the food groups in basic proportion without outdoing one another.

How to order food in train?

You can easily order and enjoy hot, fresh, delicious and healthy Indian food in train with IRCTC eCatering website or the ‘Food On Track’ app.

Is Indian food healthy for you?

Yes, Indian food is healthy if consumed properly and in the required proportions. It must include all the required food groups.

What is the best food for a train journey?

The best food for a train is hot, fresh, easy on the stomach and healthy. And you can get all of the above foods through IRCTC eCatering website and the Food on Track app.