10 foods you can order with IRCTC eCATERING While travelling to keep you cool this Summer


Travelling is a common activity that a person performs multiple times throughout his entire life for different purposes. Some travel for leisure while others travel for work or just to reach from one point to the other. Out of all modes of transport that people choose, train journeys are the most prominent one as they are affordable and convenient.

But besides breathtaking views of the nature, what keeps one excited throughout the train journey? Be it a short trip to nearby city or long vacation to the snow-capped mountains, food keeps the body energetic and mind active. While traveling on Indian trains the passengers can enjoy a wide range of summer dishes with the help of one of the most extraordinary travel food service India, IRCTC eCatering. The food delivery system authorized and managed by Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation delivers hygienically prepared meals and snacks for train journey.

Here are 10 foods you can order through IRCTC eCatering this summer while travelling and maintain your cool in scorching heat:

  1. Watermelon – Watermelons are loaded with tons of health benefits. IRCTC eCatering offers watermelon shake and juice that can be ordered through its application or website. A glass of watermelon juice or shake can entirely rejuvenate the body with the goodness of nutrients like antioxidants, zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6.

  2. Curd – The authorized and unique travel food services India, IRCTC eCatering offers meals that have curd as the main ingredient. The passengers can order normal Raita, Fruit Raita, Dahi Kachumber etc. dishes that helps the body to maintain overall cool of the stomach.

  3. Mango – One of the best summer fruits are mangoes, be it Alphonso or Chaunsa. With IRCTC eCatering, passengers can order stacks of fully ripe and delicious mangoes and get them delivered onboard. The passengers travelling in trains can also order and enjoy full of nutrients Mango Shakes onboard.

  4. Pineapple – The diverse menu of IRCTC eCatering allows passengers to order unique dishes like Pineapple Raita and milkshakes that have pineapple as a main ingredient.

  5. Salads – One of the healthiest snacks for train journey is a plate full of salad. IRCTC eCatering has vendors who deliver Classic Caesar Salad and sprout salad. A perfect mixture of protein and vitamins, salad can keep passengers full while they travel to their favourite destinations.

  6. Lemonade – An unbeatable and classic summer beverage which fills all kinds of thirsts is lemonade. While travelling in Indian trains passengers can easily order lemonade in and keep their bodies hydrated with the goodness of lemon and water.

  7. Strawberry – Strawberry is a sweet and juicy fruit and a great source of vitamin C, antioxidants and fiber. The passengers can enjoy Strawberry Fusion Shake which can be ordered through IRCTC eCatering.

  8. Rabri – Rabri is a form of sweet dish prepared by condensing the milk. It can be enjoyed chilled as dessert after lunch or dinner onboard.

  9. Lassi – Lassi is a popular North Indian beverage that is a blend of yogurt, sugar and fruits. It can be ordered through IRCTC eCatering website and mobile app. Lassi not only satisfies taste buds but also helps the body to cool down.


All these summer foods can be ordered from IRCTC eCatering ‘Food on Track ‘mobile app or directly from the website or by calling on 1323.